My name is Renea, I have met only one other person in my 49 years that spells it the same as I do. Often mispronounced Ray na. My middle name is Louise which goes quite nicely with Renea. I like my name because it is not a common name. Rarely is there ever more than one Renea in a classroom or work setting, in fact I have never had another Renea of any spelling in the same classroom or office setting. Renea, spelled in any variation is a beautifully unusual and unique name.
This is my name. If you live in a primarily English speaking country, it can be difficult to fill out online forms properly, as many sites do not allow accents. I have been addressed as RenAQe by automated systems more times than I can count. Parents in the USA/UK/AUS naming their daughter Renée should write Renee (no accent) on the birth certificate to make their daughter's life easier down the road (trust me). Québec allows accents, but the rest of Canadian bureaucracy is hit or miss. If you live in a heavily Spanish speaking area, the masculine René is far more common than the feminine, so you may find that people feel you have a masculine sounding name. No matter where you live (outside of a French speaking area), people will always misspell Renée as Rene and Reneé, sometimes even Renay. I even got Ruhnae once (creative!). Overall, I love having the name Renée because it is uncommon but familiar and has been in my family for generations. I am giving it to my daughter for her middle name.
Very pretty.Like a lot of French names, adding an E feminizes it. For example, Jean and Jeanne, François and Françoise, Joseph and Josèphe, etc. It sounds better then Renata to me, though I like both.
Renée is a very pretty name for a girl.
Renée Elise Goldberry is an American actress who played Angelica Schuyler in "Hamilton".
A pretty and rather unusual name.
A notable bearer is American actress Renée Elise Goldsberry. Goldsberry is best known for her work in musical theatre. She has played Nala in "The Lion King", Nettie in "The Color Purple", Mimi Marquez in "RENT", and particularly Angelica Schuyler in the original cast of "Hamilton". For the last role, Goldsberry won a Tony Award in 2016. Goldsberry also has had notable recurring roles on TV shows like "Ally McBeal" and "The Good Wife".
Renée Kathleen Zellweger is an American actress and producer. She has received critical acclaim and many accolades, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was named Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year in 2009, and established herself as one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses in 2007.
Renée (my given name) I was told is derived from the French word Renaitre;
(intransitive) to be reborn, to be born again
(intransitive) to reappear, to resurface
(figuratively) to rekindle
... which in turn is derived from the Latin Renata (feminine)& Renatus (masculine) which means 'to be re-born'/'Rebirth'. Which can explain why this name in various forms can be found in multiple languages as Latin is a parent language for many modern languages today, (and at the least had a partial influence on some), the Romance languages in particular being some of them.
I may be biased but I love this name and I think the meaning and history behind it is beautiful.
It rose in popularity here in the USA during the late 70s-90s, however it is still an uncommon name here.
I was pleased to find out when I did my genealogy I have several René's in my tree on my father's Acadian French side; (In general it seems that Acadians perpetuated Old French names down the years within their families into the last century and even some in this century while their France counterpart's name usage continued to evolve and shift.)
My name is Renée and I don't have a problem with it... I like it because it it different from the others even though people pronounce it incorrectly at times, but regardless of that Renée is who I am and I won't change it.
This is my name. I don't mind it. In high school I wished I was a Nicole or Sarah, but now I enjoy not knowing many others. I get a lot of people (older) singing 'Just Walk Away Renee' to me. I'm from a place with a french-Canadian population so I have people trying to speak French to me when they see / hear my name. I have to explain I only know a little, but my mother's family is French. More than once, the reaction to this has been disappointment. People always drop the accent eigu and yes, mispronounce it. But it's easy enough to correct. I do like the meaning.
Renée--Pronounced "Reh-Nay".
Renée Simonot (born 1911) is a French actress. She is the mother of actress Catherine Deneuve.
My name is spelled Rena but it is pronounced Renee... I love the way my name is spelled... But people call me Ree -Nah instead of Renee (Rena)... to me my Renee looks like it says Ree- knee... However you spell it I absolutely love our name!
Being that this is my name, I can say that it's definitely underused in America. Everyone omits the accent mark and I can't get it through to people that René is male and Renée is female. It was even printed on my diploma as Rénee instead of Renée. A lot of people aren't sure how to pronounce it correctly. I get Ren-ee and Reen-ee a lot. Once the bakery messed up on my birthday cake and put Rena. My former supervisor continually spelled it Renae for five years. I know it's not spelled anything like it sounds, but still, it's not a complicated name.
Not many people understand that Renee is the feminine form, and Rene is the masculine. Funny thing is, my grandparents (who are French) are Renee and Rene!
In france, it's even more old fashioned than the male René, so very rare nowadays.
I really love this name, it's so pretty~ I've heard it more commonly as a middle name but I think it works well for a first name as well.
My middle name is Renee! I know it's kind of common, but I don't really think that matters much. It's also a very pretty first name :)
Anything other than RENÉE is simply a modern botched spelling and most "new" spellings should hardly be pronounced like RENÉE.
This is my name! I love it! It's pretty and strong and I love it as my name! I like it with the accent above the first 'e', but my name doesn't have it. :( I still love my name though!
Renee Walker is a character on the show "24", played by Annie Wersching.
Dutch pet forms of Renee are Reneetje (ruh-NAY-tyuh) and Reneeke (ruh-NAY-kuh).
Another famous bearer is Renée Fleming (born 1959), a famous American opera singer. She is a soprano and performs in a wide variety of languages. She was also featured in a few of Howard Shore's pieces that were composed for the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
I think this name is kind of cool - I like the accent mark above the first E. It's a common middle name, too.
Renee is an name that I always loved. I see it as a feminine & pretty name. It is my middle name (which I like better than my first name). However, my spelling is Renay. A French woman gave this spelling to my dad prior to my being born and he liked her spelling.
Renee is the name of Bella's mother in the book Twilight.
Also in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, Bella's and Edward's daughter's name is a fused form of Renee (Bella's mother) and Esme (Edward's mother-figure). The daughter's name was Reneesme, I guess pronounced ren-EZ-meh.
I think this is a truly beautiful name. In Denmark we do not have the female version of this name (i.e. 'Renee') only René - which is a boy's name. I think it's a shame actually because I really like this name for a woman, not for a man. I love the meaning. I picture 'Renee' as a strong, confident, smart, beautiful woman with a big heart.
Another famous bearer is Renee from the Japanese anime show "Mew Mew Power". She is half human, half wolf.
Renee is a great name. One of my best friends is called Renee. I don't know why I like it, I just like the sound of it. It sounds a little bit tough, but feminine at the same time.
Renée is also the Czech form. Name Day: 28th November.
My middle name is Renay. I love this spelling. I also like Renae. I don't like the Renee spelling. Blah!
Renée Adorée (1898-1933), successful French-American actress whose life was cut short by tuberculosis.
I think that this name is awesome except when people spell it Renee instead of Renée. (PS to type é hold down alt, type 130 quickly, and let go of alt)
I know how to make an e with an accent (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). It's just that in Dutch, the -ee sound is already pronounced in the right way without the accent while in French, the accent is necessary. So I guess you could say that the way my name is spelled (Renee) is the Dutch spelling of Renée. Sometimes I wish my parents hadn't been so stubborn and had just given me the original spelling so that I wouldn't constantly have to correct people. But still, I've seen far worse spellings on this site and despite everything, I really like my name.
Well, Renee06, I think that that's cool then, because I don't know any Dutch and that is very interesting. I just said that because in America, many goofy people decide to Anglicise every freakin name, rip off all the accents, and basically say that when spelled correctly, sounds exotic and weird. I just prefer it when people spell it original and keep it easy so there isn't so much confusion.
I agree with you on that. I hate it when people add letters or replace them with others just because they sound the same. It confuses people about the right spelling and forces those poor kids to spell their names all the time. I think my name is different though because in my country, it is considered to be the Dutch spelling. We use René or Rene for boys and Renée or Renee for girls. My parents are kind of no-nonsense people so they didn't bother adding the accent. I would say that's a different thing than just changing the spelling for the heck if it.
It's the middle name of Heather Renée Sweet (aka Dita von Teese).
I am of Mexican decent, all of my family disapproved of my naming my daughter Renee, because to Mexicans it is commonly used as a males name only. BUT the male version is spelled Rene.
Renee is my middle name too. I think that if I have another daughter I will give her Renee as a middle name. I like it!
I like this name a lot. One of my closest friends is named Renee and she's a great girl. I think the name is lovely and classic and not one of those names that only stays suitable for one period in time.
My sister's name is Renee. I think it's such a cute name. I would give my child that as a middle name. I love the name.
This is my first name. It can be very annoying because people sometimes think I'm a boy when they read it, they spell it wrong (in my case it's spelled Renee) and it rhymes with a lot of things. (I'm Dutch and the ee-sound is pretty common in Dutch) I used to think it was a boring and short name, but it has grown on me, I like it now.
She isn't famous, but one of the girls on the TV show Flavor of Love's actual name was Renee.
For the longest time when ever I saw this name for some reason I thought it was "re-knee" until I met my friend, whose name is Renee and it does not fit her at all. It kinda sounds exotic and she's as plain as bread and butter. But overall I think it's a good name.
Makes a great middle name.
Renee is Gwen Stefani's middle name.
Renee, and other variations, are derived from the Latin word renaissance. The Renaissance was a cultural movement generally believed to have begun in northern Italy early in the 14th century which brought about a period of scientific revolution, religious reform and artistic transformation, at the dawn of modern European history. It marks the transitional period between the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the Modern Age. So although the meaning of 'Renee' is generally said to be rebirth it does in fact go beyond that.Other variations of Renee are Renai (my own name ;)) as well as Renae.
Actually Renai, in its original form and spelling it has nothing to do with the Renaissance, though I would agree with you that your name does come from that. Renee is the feminine form of Rene, both French.
I agree. The name Rene/e is RELATED to the word Renaissance. When you trace it back to Latin the words are related. But the name itself does not in any way derive from some meaning connected to the Renaissance.
The young singer Olstead is named Renee. She's only 15 and she has wonderful voice.
Another variation of this name could be Renea, pronounced ree-nay. That is how my middle name is spelled and pronounced!
A famous bearer of this name is the American actress Renee Zellweger (born April 25, 1969 as Renee Kathleen Zellweger). She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2003 for her part in the award-winning movie "Cold Mountain." She also starred in "Bridget Jones Diary", "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason", "Chicago", "Cinderella Man", and was a voice in the movie "Shark Tale". She also recently married Kenny Chesney.
Renee means "reborn", ie spiritual enlightenment.

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