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A famous bearer of this name is the American actress Renee Zellweger (born April 25, 1969 as Renee Kathleen Zellweger). She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2003 for her part in the award-winning movie "Cold Mountain." She also starred in "Bridget Jones Diary", "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason", "Chicago", "Cinderella Man", and was a voice in the movie "Shark Tale". She also recently married Kenny Chesney.
AndrewJKD  8/10/2005
The young singer Olstead is named Renee. She's only 15 and she has wonderful voice.
Anjamon  11/21/2005
Renee is Gwen Stefani's middle name.
FairyGirl  5/31/2006
She isn't famous, but one of the girls on the TV show Flavor of Love's actual name was Renee.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2006
It's the middle name of Heather Renée Sweet (aka Dita von Teese).
― Anonymous User  8/6/2007
Renée Adorée (1898-1933), successful French-American actress whose life was cut short by tuberculosis.
cateyedsnake  8/27/2007
Another famous bearer is Renee from the Japanese anime show "Mew Mew Power". She is half human, half wolf.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2008
Renee is the name of Bella's mother in the book Twilight.
Junidoe-Josephine  8/21/2008
Also in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, Bella's and Edward's daughter's name is a fused form of Renee (Bella's mother) and Esme (Edward's mother-figure). The daughter's name was Reneesme, I guess pronounced ren-EZ-meh.  11/24/2008
Another famous bearer is Renée Fleming (born 1959), a famous American opera singer. She is a soprano and performs in a wide variety of languages. She was also featured in a few of Howard Shore's pieces that were composed for the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2009
Renee Walker is a character on the show "24", played by Annie Wersching.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2010
Renée Simonot (born 1911) is a French actress. She is the mother of actress Catherine Deneuve.
Buneary  2/27/2016
Renée Kathleen Zellweger is an American actress and producer. She has received critical acclaim and many accolades, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was named Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year in 2009, and established herself as one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses in 2007.
cutenose  5/24/2017
A notable bearer is American actress Renée Elise Goldsberry. Goldsberry is best known for her work in musical theatre. She has played Nala in "The Lion King", Nettie in "The Color Purple", Mimi Marquez in "RENT", and particularly Angelica Schuyler in the original cast of "Hamilton". For the last role, Goldsberry won a Tony Award in 2016. Goldsberry also has had notable recurring roles on TV shows like "Ally McBeal" and "The Good Wife".
AndrewJKD  2/18/2018

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