You can name your mouse Rhett. A good name for a mouse.
Reminds me of spaghetti.
Honestly I don't get the appeal. It looks and sounds really incomplete and sounds too similar to rat in my opinion.
The sound my cat makes when he’s hocking up a hairball. Rhetttttt. Retching.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rhett who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 109th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Rhett Miller (born Stewart Ransom Miller II in 1970) is a solo musician and lead singer of the Americana band Old 97's.
The name Rhett is both a blessing and a curse. I got so tired of explaining my name or correcting people on it thru my life. I would just tell some people my name was Brett just to avoid the confused look and the slurry of wrong names they thought I said. I would get names like Rick, Ralph, Red, Rat and countless other names that sound nothing like Rhett. On my first day in 2nd grade at my new school, my new teacher seemed overly amused by my name. When first hearing my name he started calling me Wett and making fun of my name in front of my new classmates. That was one of my first realizations that I might have been given a crappy name. But I made friends easily and most of my friends liked my name. In 7th grade I was in a drama class and even my drama teacher would call me Wett at roll call and seemed to enjoy giving the other kids something to laugh at. How can a drama teacher not realize my name was from a major film, Gone With the Wind? His brother was even well known in Hollywood for working with big actors. I have always been kinda shy but I always wondered if my name played a part in it. Over the years I have gotten a lot of complements on my name, but if they only knew... It's nice to have a unique name but it's a double edged sword having the name Rhett. I had a son in 2002 and I got to pick his name. I wanted my son to experience nothing of what I went thru with my name. So I named him Tyler. Simple, can't be misunderstood and I knew he wouldn't ever go through what I had to because of a name. And his name fits him perfectly. So if you're thinking of naming your son Rhett you might want to make things a lot easier for him in the future and just name him Brett. The parent may love the name Rhett but your son has to live with it, either until he changes it or he just starts telling people he meets his name is Brett.
Rhett is an awesome name. Might be a little biased though...
Honestly I used to hate it when I was young because I didn't like being different. I was never teased, though I've had my fair share of frustration trying to explain it. One of my best friends today thought my name was Brett for the first 3 months he knew me!
Rhett Mclaughlin, a part of Rhett and Link and co-creator of Good Mythical Morning.
Reminds me WAY too much of Rett Syndrome which is a neurological and debilitating disorder in which the patient is unable to speak, communicate or take care of themselves at all. The condition progresses and eventually they turn into a vegitated-like state. Most people with Rhett Syndrome don't live very long. Rett syndrome is the most severe form of autism that affects females only. I know a little girl with this condition. She's 7\8 yet its as though she's 2 or much younger.

Rett would be fine if there wasn't the Rett Syndrome association \: It's pronounced the same exact way.
To correct myself above: Rett syndrome is not exclusive to girls. It just happens that the disorder is way more common in them than in boys. Most Rett sufferers are female. I absolutely adore Rhett from the youtube channel "Good Mythical Morning" (Rhett & Link) but I just can not separate Rhett from Rett syndrome and the fact that it sounds like a dog's name in order for me to like and accept this name.
No offence, but this name reminds me of cigarettes.
Rhett McLaughlin and his friend "Link" Neal are a popular Youtube duo. They are close friends and comedians who create funny commercials, music videos, and various other comedic Youtube videos; and host a daily show called Good Mythical Morning, along with "the show after the show" called Good Mythical MORE. The two also have a weekly podcast called Ear Biscuits. For a time, they had a show called The Mythical Show and completed many other projects such as an award-winning movie. They have three channels: Rhett & Link, Good Mythical Morning, and Good Mythical MORE. Their fans are referred to as "mythical beasts." Their website is
It reminds me of "rat". And it should never be used in alliterative form. Terrible!
Thomas Rhett Akins Sr. Is a country singer that goes by Rhett Akins. His son Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. Is also a country singer and goes by Thomas Rhett.
Kind of a weird name, and it'll remind everyone of Rhett Butler. It's kind of like naming your kid something like hermione.
I had a teacher with this name once. For the first few days I kept thinking his name was Brett because I'd misheard it. I think it's a really unique name and wouldn't mind to see it more often. Although I wouldn't name my own child Rhett for the fact that, while it looks nice on paper, the sound of it is short and rather harsh.
The name is simple yet mature, though Gone With the Wind is an annoying book full of annoying characters.
Even though I have absolutely *no* interest in reading the book or seeing the movie "Gone with the Wind" (mostly because Scarlett has been presented to me as a vapid, spoiled brat who doesn't really reform by the end of the story), I still can't get over how awesome the name Rhett is. I love the way it sounds, looks, everything.
One of my best friend's name is Rhett and I absolutely love everything about this name - the way it sounds, the way it looks, everything. This name is awesome!
This would be a nice middle name.
This kid's just waiting to be made fun of.
I like names you don't hear of every day. I like the way the name sounds. I also adore Gone with the Wind. I don't have children, but I think Rhett Thomas is a good name for a little boy.
It is true that the older generation as well as the current readers of Gone With the Wind will remember Rhett Butler and thus associate Rhett the name with Rhett the character. However, I must add that kids today have no inkling of Margaret Mitchell's great work. Honestly, it's true; everybody my age (almost 16) that I mention the book to have not heard of it. Or even more amazingly the movie.

Personally, I love the name Rhett. It's a brilliant name even despite ties to Rhett Butler.
Personally I love this name. It has a bit of character towards it and it's not the most commonly used name even though so many people know it.
The potential problem with naming your child Rhett is that no one is ever, ever going to forget Rhett Butler, giving the name an image that's a bit too suave and dashing for anyone to live up to. And of course it will be highly ironic if your kid turns out to be more of an Ashley Wilkes than a Rhett Butler.
"O Rhett, where will I go? What will I do?..."

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
Rhett is not a form of Rhys. It was original the surname of the Rhett family of South Carolina, one of whose members, Robert Barnwell Rhett, was a well-known politician during the Civil War era. The family's surname is an Anglicization the Dutch name, de Raedt, and that comes from the Middle Dutch raet, "advice, counsel". [noted -ed]
Means 'advice' in Germanic when derived from a Dutch family name.
Rhett is the shortened version of Rhettman, an Old English surname. It has been in my family, from what I have been told, for over a thousand years. There are only two that still hold this name from the original family, my father and myself. Margaret Mitchell and my Uncle Rhettman Desalvo were intimate associates and the novel "Gone With The Wind" was written about the relationship she had with my uncle (he died in the early 1990's, in his 90's) and my family history in the south during that great period of civil strife among the states.
This is very unlikely to be true. Checking one of the major biographies of Margaret Mitchell, Southern Daughter by Darden Asbury Pyron, I could find no references to a "Rhettman Desalvo." Pyron's book says that Ms. Mitchell's first beau, when she was 17, was named Clifford Henry. After that romance ended, she had several suitors at once, but none of the names mentioned in the book are anything like "Rhettman Desalvo." Some of them don't have their full names given in the book, but they are called "Dan", "A.B.", and "Dr. Hudson." Full names are given for Allen Edee, Winston Withers, Jimmy Howat, Berrien "Red" Upshaw, and John Marsh. Margaret Mitchell married "Red" Upshaw in 1922 two months before she turned 22 years old; she divorced him in January 1925, and John Marsh immediately proposed to her. She married Marsh on July 4, 1925. Though Pyron doesn't think Rhett Butler is closely based on any of the men in Mitchell's life, he does mention that other critics tend to think he's based on "Red" Upshaw. In any event, it seems unlikely that there could have been any important relationship with "Rhettman Desalvo" that could have resulted in the naming of the character.
As Cleveland Kent Evans has pointed out, Rhett is a family name, borne by a famous politician during the Civil War. Maybe that's where Pargaret Mitchell got the name to use for Rhett Butler, who knows? But there's another Rhett associated with Gone with the Wind: Alicia Rhett played India Wilkes in the movie version.

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