So...did Ron win the race, or not? Having a name that looks like it would be pronounced "Ron Win" can't be good. I mean, imagine the sheer number of Ron Weasley jokes alone. And the name itself looks unattractive imo.
I think this is quite a nice name, but very Welsh-sounding, and I think unless you live in Wales or a Welsh-speaking community, this name might sound quite strange, but nevertheless, a nice name. And I had also heard that this name was the Welsh variant of Rowena. :)
I had a friend in high school named something similar: Rhianwen. She pronounced it ree-ON-wen.
This was used for the name 'Rowena', who was the sister of either Hengist or Horsa, the Saxon mercenary leaders whom Vortigern invited to Britain. Wanting to marry her, Vortigern asked them what they wanted in exchange for her. They wanted Kent, and they got it, thus beginning the Anglo-Saxon wars against the British.
That's a beautiful name! Two twins in my book are named Rhea and Rhonwen.

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