Gorgeous meaning. Rim job did come to mind, but I then I saw the pronunciation and now I really like it.
Mock as you like, but I knew a lovely woman named Rim. I can't say if she spelt it Reem or Rim, but it was said quite like 'REEM'. She was Algerian, and my French assistant in my class for ages. I must admit I don't love the name, but my very positive teaching from a Rim might well have coloured my perception of this name. I think a girl named Rim might have great potential.
Alternative spelling (more commonly used than 'Rim'): Reem.
This is the Croatian word for Rome!
The name Rim is also known as 'Rima' pronounced 'reema'. Rima is usually a female name. Rima's are usually amazing people, they're so loving and caring and go out of their way to help others and ensure people are helped and happy. They're smart and energetic, and handle life's obstacles with heart and consistency. Very forgiving people, and always full of enthusiasm. They also love meeting new people.
This name is pronounced as REEM. It sounds like or rhymes with dream, team, cream, serene, gleam. It doesn't sound like or rhyme with brim, trim, dim, limb, blimp.
I don't know about this one, it would like naming your kid "Blow" or "Fist" or. Well, you get the idea.
It has nothing to do with the name "Rim", but it is a fact that "Rim" is the Bulgarian translation of the capital "Rome".
What a great name. Hope the last name isn't Job.
In reply to the comment at the top, It's pronounced REEM.

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