I prefer Rio (2) to Rio for a boy. I like the meaning Jasmine more then River. It sounds exotic on a girl. If you wanted you could even call twin girls Jasmine and Rio.
Also a male name.
Rio Kishida was a Japanese playwright and director. She wrote several plays about women and the problems they faced in a patriarchal society that run parallel with the second wave of the feminist movement in Japan. Even though she did not strictly identify herself as a feminist, she believed that the system of a male dominated society had to change in order for women to gain equal rights as their male counterpart.
Rio Matsumoto is a Japanese actress, model and singer. She has had a prolific career in television drama series since the mid-1990s and since 2003 has also been in several films. She was formerly known as Megumi Matsumoto.
Rio Sasaki is a Japanese child actress from Saitama Prefecture, Japan. She is a part of the Himawari Theatre Group.
In the manga D・N・ANGEL the mother of Satoshi is called Rio (理緒).
It's cool and has a nice sound. Not sure if I'd use it, but I do like it.
I wrote my comment nearly 7 years ago and I still love it! Happened to look the name up again while watching the Olympics and had no idea one of its meanings is actually my name (Jasmine). That's pretty cool.
Duran Duran song, "Rio".

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