The name Riya was given to 272 girls born in the US in 2016.
In India Riya is only ever pronounced as Ree-ah, never as Rye-ah.
Said as both Ree-uh & Ry-uh. Personally, I much prefer Ry-uh. Not only does it sound better, Ree-uh will just make people think of Diarrhea. Awful!

The spelling of Rhea wouldn't be used much often for obvious reasons.
'Riya' or 'Reeya' is a beautiful girl, calm, modest and as the name's meaning in Sanskrit she is really a very good singer!
This is just a really lovely name. I think it's gorgeous, and that it fits well with the "ia" sound names. Most people I know are named and spelled "Riya", but other people spell it "Rhea", "Ria", and "Riyah". The annoying thing about this name is that people pronounce it "rye-ya" instead of just Riya (rhymes with Mia).
Riya Sen is an Indian Bollywood actress. She is also the granddaughter of actress Suchitra Sen.
A character from the film "Monsoon Wedding," who wants to attend college and become a writer.
I "know" a girl named Rhyah that I talked to today. I'm guessing that it is an alternate spelling of this name.

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