A little better than Rob, but I think of Rotton Robbie when I hear this.
I knew the name from the movie. Robbie Turner is played by James Mcavoy. You know I love this guy soooooo much.
Both he and Robbie are good people. Hoping James can live in happiness forever. By the way, James is also a nice name.
It sounds more befitting a young boy rather than a grown adult, and high school jocks come to mind. I also think of Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town and Robby, the seal from Pingu.
My first and middle name is Robbie Lee. As a child everybody made mistakes calling me Robbie. They called me Bobbie, Robert, Bobbert, Rob, Bob, Roberto' and even William. I didn't like that much. So I chose to be called by my middle name "Lee".
They could only mess that up so much, Leo, Leon, like a Lion, I liked that!
But since my mind shift paradigm, I just go with Robbie Lee!
Even my name rhymes, just like me!
Robert "Robbie" Baldwin Ross (1869 – 1918) was a Canadian journalist and art critic, best known for his relationship with Oscar Wilde.
I love this name, it has a sweeter sound than Robert or Roberta, however they are good names too. I think Robbie is better on a girl, it doesn't sound masculine.
My name is Robbie and I am female. I hate my name because it's a boy's name and because I do not like the "e" sound on the end.
Robbie was given to 15 girls and 63 boys in America in 2015.
It sounds like the name of a teen or a kid, instead of a grown person. Much like Bobby, Tommy, Jimmy, or Timmy, it reminds me of some dumb high school jock from an 80s horror movie who goes and gets himself killed after making out with his girlfriend in a car. Other than this image, it's an okay nickname.
I love the name Robbie. I like it for boys, but I think this is a name that I would give my little girl, if I ever have one. I like the actress Margo Robbie too.
Robbie van Leeuwen, Shocking Blue founder/guitarist. He wrote the very famous song "Venus."
My dads name is Robert but everyone calls him Robbie. I can only find this name suiting an older guy. Can anyone imagine a little 4 year old named Robbie?
Robert "Robbie" Shiparo from the TV show Victorious, played by Matt Bennett.
Robbie Wadge is a British model who has appeared in many campaigns such as Burberry and Prada.
Robbie Fulks is a popular singer/songwriter in the independent-country music scene.
It beats Bobby, but it's not the greatest nickname out there. It's quite boyish, and it might be better to go by Rob after hitting 30. For women and girls, this is way too masculine. It would only sound okay on tomboys and masculine women, and even then, only on the ones who haven't turned 30.
Robbie Turner -- one of the main characters from Ian McEwan's novel "Atonement" -- bears this name. "Atonement" was also made into a 2007 film by Focus Features, directed by Joe Wright, and starring James McAvoy as Robbie.
The character Robbie Rotten is the antagonist of the Icelandic children's television program "Lazy Town". He is portrayed by Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Robbie Rotten's main goal is to maintain quietness in the town by means of 'spreading' laziness around. Ironically -- because of all the trouble he goes through to achieve this (by means of scheming, magic of disguise, music/dance, moving around, and general mischief -- he is the most active and least lazy character in the series.
Also the name of Liverpool F.C. player Robbie Fowler.
A bad nickname could be snobby Robbie.
Robbie Hart is the main character in 'The Wedding Singer', played by Adam Sandler in the movie, and by Stephen Lynch in the musical.
Robbie Takac is the bassist and one of the lead vocalists from the Goo Goo Dolls.
Singer Robbie Williams is a famous bearer of this name.
Famous bearer is Robbie Coltrane who plays the giant in Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid. He's my favourite character!

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