Sounds too feminine to me although I know it’s a unisex name. It tends to be regional for whether it’s a predominantly boy's or girl's name. For example - It’s a top 100 name for girls at the moment in Scotland and is one of fastest rising names for girls. It doesn’t even feature on the top 100 boys list.
It’s a very “of them moment”/trendy name that will date. The name would have sounded interesting a couple of years ago but nurseries are being inundated with Roman’s now (fastest rising boys name in UK top 100- currently top 50 but will be top 10/20 soon on current growth trajectory). There’s 2 Roman’s and a Rohan in a class of 10 at our local nursery and they get muddled up. Lots of famous Roman’s at the moment (DJ and YouTuber) of growth of name shows no sign of slowing.
I would assume someone that spelt the name “Rohan” was of Indian origin.
I think the name will sound bland and a bit chavy to the next generation. Shame as a couple of years ago this name could have been a good solid choice.
The name Rohan was given to 327 boys born in the US in 2016.
A Sanskrit baby boy's name (can be unisex as well) meaning ascending, or healing, medicine, sandalwood. Derived from the Sanskrit word "rohana" which means ascending.
Rohan Marley is a son of the late reggae artist Bob Marley. He has five children with hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill.
Rohan is also an alternate spelling of the Irish Rowan, or an anglicized form of the Irish personal name Ruadhán/Ruadhain "red/red haired".
Rohan, in addition to being Sanskrit, also means "sun" in Romany.
I've heard that it means 'sun'.
The name Rohan is a legitimate spelling of "Rowan" (pronounced simply "Row-an") and originated in Scotland (centuries before Lord of the Rings and totally unrelated to the Indian Sanskrit version pronounced "Ro-han"). Whereas Rowan can be masculine or feminine, Rohan is only masculine.
As a British name, Rohan is a derivative of "Rowan" (pronounced the same, i.e. "Ro-wan"). It originates in Scotland meaning "red haired" and is unrelated to the Indian/Sanskrit version (pronounced "Ro-han"). Unfortunately thanks to Lord of the Rings a lot of people will now pronounce the British version incorrectly!
It is also a Gaelic name derived from Ruadhan. It is 164 in the UK charts and popular in Scotland.
I love the medieval-fantasy sound of it. Strong and simple. I of course prefer it for a boy.

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