Rokurō Naya was a Japanese voice actor and the brother of voice actor Gorō Naya. He was a lifelong resident of Tokyo and was affiliated with Mausu Promotion at the time of his death.
cutenose  4/5/2017
Rokuro Ishikawa, D. Eng was a Japanese businessman and one of the most influential figures in the Japanese construction industry. He was Honorary Chairman of Kajima Corporation, one of the biggest construction companies in Japan, from 2005 until his death. Prior to that, he was President and Chairman of Kajima Corporation. He was married to Yoshiko, a daughter of the fourth president and the founding family of Kajima, Morinoske Kajima. His father was Ichiro Ishikawa, the first Chairman of the Japan Business Federation.
cutenose  4/5/2017
Rokurō Mochizuki is a Japanese film director who has worked in pink film, adult videos and mainstream cinema. He won the award for Best Director at the 19th Yokohama Film Festival for Onibi and A Yakuza in Love.
cutenose  2/4/2017

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