Known Dutch bearers of this name are:

- the essayist and translator Rokus Hofstede (b. 1959) (in Dutch)

- the composer Jan Rokus van Roosendael (1960-2005) (in Dutch)

- the composer and musicologist Rokus de Groot (b. 1947) (in Dutch)

All of these bearers are *not* of Frisian descent.
Lucille  7/23/2015
Like I said in a previous comment, Rokus is not an exclusively Frisian name: it is also a Dutch name. At least in the case of the Dutch, Rokus is a variant spelling of Rocus, which itself is a variant form of Rochus. Funnily enough, Rokus is more common in the Netherlands than the original that it was based on (namely, Rocus). Just compare their overall popularities here:

- Rocus: (in Dutch)

- Rokus: (in Dutch)

Also, in Dutch, Rokus is pronounced as: RO-kus. [noted -ed]
Lucille  7/23/2015
Rokus is actually a variant spelling/form of Rochus, one that has been used both in Dutch and Frisian. It is not an exclusively Frisian name.
Lucille  9/19/2010
Rokus is used as a masculine name in West Frisia (located in The Netherlands), but also here and there in The Netherlands and Germany itself (often by non-Frisian parents that simply have a love for Frisian names).
Lucille  9/19/2010

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