The most common nicknames for "Romina" in Spanish are "Romi" (ROH-mee) and "Ro" (ROH).
The Spanish pronunciation is the same as the Italian one.
Also used in Spanish.

There are 2,113 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Whenever I look up the meaning of someone’s name I like to look at the root of the word. So for the name Romina to me it comes from the word Rome. The meaning of Rome is strength and power therefore I believe that Romina means strength and power.
Allegeldy also occasionally used in Hungarian:
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
Also found in Romania.
In 2018 were born 24 babies called Romina in Italy (the lowest number since national statistics in 1999).
My name is Romina, I read your opinion about the meaning of your names, I noticed you were exposed to wrong data in the internet. So I want to share some information with you about the true meaning. Romina’s root is Hebrew, not Spanish, not Persian, not Arabic. Hebrew is an ancient language in Israel. Romin was an angel who admired and praised. An Italian sculptor carved Romin a statue in Rome. That's all about Romina. This information was written in an old reliable name book which inspired my mom to name me Romina 36 years ago.
I am Romina and I was born in 1995 in Iran. Romina is not Arabic! It's a Persian name, it belongs to the Aryan people (The addition of this term as "Aryana" is the origin of the name of Iran) who came and lived in Iran's plateau during the third millennium. In Iran it is very common name and it means the symbol of purity. My mama told me that my grandma chose this name for me after a couple of months searching for a good name and also her interest in Romina Power had an effect. I am really happy about this name, especially when I understand that people in other countries believe that it's beautiful :)
My mother was a person who lived through Hollywood movies and loved watching movies with Tyrone Powers in them. When it was announced that he had a daughter by the name Romina, my mother decided that this is what she would name me. I was a massage therapist at this spa and a gentleman came in and was told that his Massage Therapist, Romina would be working with him. He said, "I did not know that Romina Powers was a Massage therapist!" When I came out and heard this, I asked him how did he know of Romina Powers and he told me that she was his neighbor in Italy! I was excited just to hear that someone knew of Romina Powers. It was fun. Yes, I do get many compliments on my name, however, when I get this funny look from people who think that they cannot pronounce it, I tell them to just call me "RO".
Well my name is Romina and I think my name is cool!
To Whom It May Concern, I know the Romina name is an Iranian name, and it means: pure, clear, transparent. For this reason I have selected this name for our products.
The name Romina was given to 321 girls born in the US in 2016.
In Italy they use "ina" at the end of words to make them the diminutive or to make them sound "cute/feminine".

So Romina means "little Rome" (in a feminine way) or someone who comes from Rome, the way Romeo does. I'm guessing the whole "land of Christians" thing is because they mean a person coming from the Roman Empire but it's an Italian specific word and name relating to the city of Rome.
I am also named Romina. I was born in 1966 and there were not a lot of Romina's around. My dad named me after singer Romina Power, (daughter of Tyrone Power and an Italian actress) Growing up, people would sometimes make fun of my name and call me Ramona and of course as a kid I did not like my name too much. My family called me Romi and so did my friends at school. Since I have lived in the U.S. (I was 15 when I moved here) I have been given three nicknames, Nina, Mina and my best friend's favorite Ro-Ro (her entire family calls me that and I really don't mind)
I think my name is strong and also feminine. It is still unusual, but I seem to find more Romina's now than when I was a kid. I was told by old neighbors that after we moved from our family neighborhood in Peru there were four girls named Romina when the neighbor asked one of the moms why she picked that name she said there was a little girl that lived here in our block and she moved to the US. I loved her name so I named my daughter after her. I thought that was really sweet. Also one of my schoolmates in Peru named his daughter after me :)
I was told once it mean desert dweller or woman the desert. The latest meaning I found was "from the land of Christians".
American actress Romina Espinosa (born 1988 in Coral Gables, Florida).
In Italian Pronunciation:


Roll your "R." "O" is as usual, "Oh." Stress the "I" in "Mi" to "EE." Softly "A," as in "Father." [noted -ed]
This name is also used frequently in The Netherlands. In some cases, it is a pet form of names like Rosa and Rosemarie (kind of like Romy is for Rosemarie), where the -mina in Romina could be seen as some kind of diminutive suffix.
I think Romina is a lovely name. To the ear, it sounds aesthetic, cool and graceful, and it looks pretty in writing, too. I think Romina could easily suit girls and women alike. And it has great nicknames possibilities - Roma, Mina and my personal favourite, Romi.
I really think this name is beautiful, and oh, guess what, it's my name! I'm very happy with it but it really has to be used with the right surname. Don't name a baby Romina Black or Romina Fernandez, please! Don't ruin the name like that!
I don't think that's the meaning of the name. As far as I know, my name comes from the Arabic language (rumina or ÑæãíäÇ), means "from the christian land" or something like that. Have a nice day! Or night, it's ten to eight PM here.
The singer Romina Power from the duet "Al Bano and Romina Power". Romina Power and Albano Carrisi have sung together for almost 30 years. Some of their hits are: "Felicita", "Liberta", "Cara Terra Mia", "Nostalgia Canaglia", "Ci Sara", "Magic Oh Magic".
Arabic name that means "From the land of Christians".

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