Commander Romulus Thread, Head Peacekeeper of District 12 from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". He was the one responsible for laying siege to District 12, and whipped Gale for poaching (saving civilians in the film).
Neat history.
Romulus was the legendary founder and first king of Rome. Various traditions attribute the establishment of many of Rome's oldest legal, political, religious, and social institutions to Romulus and his contemporaries. Although many of these traditions incorporate elements of folklore, and it is not clear to what extent a historical figure underlies the mythical Romulus, the events and institutions ascribed to him were central to the myths surrounding Rome's origins and cultural traditions.
Classical. This was used by one of Rome's two legendary founders.
Usage: English, Roman Mythology

Pronounced: RO-moo-loos (Classical Latin), RAHM-yə-ləs (American English), RAWM-yə-ləs (British English)

Meaning: Means "of Rome" in Latin. According to the Roman legend, Romulus and Remus were the founders of the city of Rome.
I like the name Romulus, as Romulus' most famous and prominent namesake was the founder and first King of Rome according to Roman Mythology. He did, however, kill his brother Remus, and fratricide is one of the last things you would want your name to be associated with.
It is possible that the name Romulus is derived from the Etruscan tribe name Ruma, as it is likely that the Etruscans founded the city of Rome.
"Romulus" is the title of an amazing song by Sufjan Stevens.
Pronounced RAHM-yoo-lus. [noted -ed]
Romulus is the name of a planet in the "Star Trek" series. The Romulans were a deceitful, warrior race.

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