Nice nickname for Corona!
It's a slang for "corona"
"whassup, have you heard of the 'Rona? It's deadly, I heard."
Rona is sometimes used as a shortened slang term for the Coronavirus, particularly on the Internet.
This is my mom's name. It's pronounced Row (like rowing a boat) - nuh. She hates it. I love it. It's a Hebrew name that means "my song" or "my joy." It's a very Israeli name. I like it much better than the other names in my mom's side of the family (Deena and Aliza are my mom's sisters, and Daniel is her brother). I like the name Runa, too. And Reyna. And lots of other names.
It's my sister's name and she love it. I like it too and in my opinion it's much better than Rhona, though.
I love the name Rhona, but this spelling makes it look like a feminine version of Ronald, which screams Harry Potter. It's a very nice name, but looks prettier and more original with an "h".
In Scotland Rona is sometimes used as a diminutive of Veronica in place of Vera.
My name is Rona, and I was not named as a derivitive of Rhona. I am named after a small island west of Scotland near Skye where my father was Fishing when I was born. I have been told the name is based on an old Norweigian name roughly translated as "Isle of Seals". This also ties in with the Manx place name Gob ny rona, which means "Point Of Seals".
The name Rona means "meadow" in Hungarian.
The Hungarian word "róna" means "plain", not "meadow." "Meadow" is "rit."
A famous bearer is Rona Barrett (TV personality of years past).
In Gaelic, the name Rona means "covenant" or "oath."

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