It looks like someone is trying hard to make Ronald into a feminine version.
Unattractive and forced, plus it's another one of those fake pseudo-French feminizations.
My name is Ronnette Lee Wallace. I was born January 12, 1969. I am the only known child [daughter] of my father James Micheal Wallace, son of James Lawerance Wallace. I do not know much else, I grew up an orphan. Seeking knowledge and truth. Blessings, Peace and Joy.
My name is Ronnette. I'm happy it wasn't my middle name. My mother is of Choctaw desent and I was told my name meant "Mighty Little Warrior". Wouldn't trade my name for any other.
It looks like someone tried to be classy, but messed up bad. Like REALLY BAD!
Ugh, too ugly.
I like the name Ronald but I don't like the idea of any feminine variants like Ronnette or even Ronalda, which is slightly better, but seriously, if you're seriously thinking of calling your "child" this, please do it a favour and relegate it to second-name status. :\
A famous band - The Ronnettes!

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