Rosalin is a beautiful, tender name and a variation of Rosalyn which means gentle-tender rose and pretty but could also be a variation of Rosaline meaning tender, beautiful rose or lovely rose. It's sweet sounding. It's not a common floral name, yet the prettiest one I have seen. It's also really feminine. It reminds me of someone who is gentle, warm, sensitive and caring.
Rosaline (with an e) which is much the same as Rosalin is a character in Romeo and Juliet.
I think Rosalin is a pretty alternative to Rosalyn and I imagine it's not a very common name. I know there is a female Tatar name - Rozalin but I haven't known anyone with Rosalin or Rozalin before online or in real life. I think it's nice to use as a middle name or first name. It doesn't sound as flowery as Rosalyn. It's spelling is very simple.

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