It's so beautiful and has a gorgeous meaning. It's nicknames are Rosie and Rose.
Sounds a lot more male to me.
I like the meaning!
This sounds more like a male name to me.
I changed my mind. I think Rosario sounds very unisex. However, I know someone whose surname is Rosario, so it sounds a bit odd to me as a first name.
I understand and respect your opinion, but saying that this name is effeminate or unsuitable for boys just because it has the prefix "rosa" in it would be unwise. Using Rosario for a girl's name would be just as bad as naming a girl Mario or Pedro in my opinion. It's pretty much like naming a boy Sakura or Mia. I honestly wouldn't want to give girls boyish names nor would I want to give boys girly names.
I would definitely never use this name for a girl because of the "o" at the end.
That is like saying Socorro is a boy name because it ends in "o" and you should name your daughter Socorra. Rosario sounds like the name of a pretty Mexican girl with glossy, dark hair and brown eyes and I prefer it for a girl because it reminds me of roses and Spanish is so widely spoken. Plus, I think of the actress Rosario Dawson.
Just for boys. Unattractive for a female.
Why do people keep saying Rosario is a feminine name when Rosaria is clearly the feminine form? Some male names can have the word “rose” in it. Did you know Rose is a surname? Rosario seems a little masculine to be a girl’s name, I prefer it for a boy. For a girl, Rosaria seems more cuter and feminine! Rosario is a strong masculine boy’s name, and it will age well! If you want to use Rosario for a girl, it’s fine! It’s actually not too masculine, but not too feminine!
Can't imagine this name on a boy.
So as a member of the Rosario clan I just wanted to add that when I was younger I struggled with my last name and did not appreciate it until I was married. After reading the meaning behind what it meant I am grateful and also think I got triple doozied with names that mean Angel of God, a variation of Mary mother of Christ and then a derivative of the Lord’s rosary, rosarium or roses. This was fun and educational. Thanks everyone for your comments I know My family will appreciate them no matter what.
Because it is tied to the Virgin Mary, it seems like more of a girl's name. Plus there are girl names that end in o like Rio, Keiko, Kumiko, etc.
I prefer this either as a last name or as a boy's name.
I prefer this on a boy but if you happen to be named Rosario and you're a girl maybe you should just go by Rose? If you're a guy SERIOUSLY AVOID BEING CALLED ROSIE OR ROSE! But Rio is a nice nickname.
The name Rosario was given to 69 girls and 19 boys born in the US in 2015.
The name Rosario was given to 94 baby girls born in the US in 2012. It definitely sounds more masculine to me.
A marvelous, marvelous name, in my opinion. It contains very masculine aspects, yet does not overdo it without possessing slight tender sensations. "Rosario" is a pleasurable, nice name to-the-ear and written. However, it is an extremely ethnic name, which would (should) require only people of Italian or Spanish/Hispanic decent. What was just said equally stands for names of Russian origin, of German, Greek, Indian, among countless others.
A perfectly professional, educated name, granted you hold a surname to pair accordingly-- Rosario Giovannelli / Rosario Lopez, as an example.
Italian pronunciation of "Rosario":Roh-ZAH-Ree-OhRoll your "R." An "S" placed between two vowels creates a "Z" sound. "A" as found in "Father." Once again, roll your "R." Be sure to stress your "I" in "Rio" to "EE." End with a well-circled "Oh." [noted -ed]
I didn't even know this was a feminine name before I clicked on it. I LOVE the name on a boy however. I know a Rosario who is hilarious. Always cracking everyone up. I used to not like the name on a boy so much but I think he helped to change my impression of it. Now I really like it.
Italian pronunciation:Rho-Zahr-EE-OhRoll your "R"s. "O" as in "I need to Mow my grass." An "S" sandwiched on either end by a vowel creates a "Z". "A" spoken as in "Father". Stress the "I" in "Rio" to an "EE".
October 7th is laid aside in honor of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Rosario is derived from the Latin "Rosarium", which in turn takes the meaning, "Rosary; Crown; Garland Of Roses".
I really like the name Rosario but I would not use it because I am not Catholic. While Rosario as a name makes me think of Rosario Dawson, I very much like the name on a boy. A name like Rosario Alejandro flows very well in my opinion. My cousin's sister-in-law recently had twin boys that she named Rosario and Cruz (rosary and cross in English) which I think is just terrific. I would assume someone named Rosario to be Catholic (or at least from a Catholic family) and possibly Hispanic or Spanish.
Sarino is a common nickname for Rosario in Italy (where it is a male name only).
Rosario Dawson is also famous for her roles in Sin City and Grindhouse: Death Proof.
I think I prefer this name on a girl. It sounds more feminine than masculine, despite the fact that it ends in O.
Rosario Nadal, princess of Preslav, is one of the most elegant women in Spain.
You have a Portuguese version for this name: Rosário, whose pronunciation is /ro-'za-ryu/. It's a feminine name in Brazil. [noted -ed]
I really like Rosario. I prefer it for a boy. :) It sounds really great.
There is an actress called Rosario Dawson. She played Mimi in the flim version of RENT. And another famous bearer is Karen's maid, Rosario, in Will & Grace.
Rosario Flores (born November 4, 1963) is a Spanish singer and actress. She was born in Madrid, Spain as the daughter of Antonio González ('El Pescaílla') and Lola Flores. She is the sister of actress Lolita Flores and singer-songwriter Antonio Flores. She has a daughter with her ex boyfriend Carlos Orellana. Her second son, Pedro Antonio, was born January 21, 2006, the same day as his grandmother Lola Flores. Rosario and Pedro Lazaga, her partner and father of her second son, met while filming Pedro Almodovar's film Hable con ella in 2001.
Rosaria is a variant of this name.
Rosario is a city in Argentina.
In Italy, it's a stictly masculine name. [noted -ed]

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