I love this name and would definitely use it on my future daughter one day. My mother’s name is Rosa, and I would like to honor her, although that is pretty too, I like Rosella just a little more. It also reminds me of the Barbie character in Barbie and the Island Princess named Rosella.
It's sometimes used in Australia, but usually the name is after the Rosella bird; a colourful red parrot native to the country.
This is the common name of some cute parrot species, i.e. green Rosella, crimson Rosella, and eastern Rosella.
My grandmother's name was Rosella. Her parents were not French or Latin which is where this name dually originates, seemingly. My mother was also named Rosella, after her mother. I like the name and wanted to name a daughter to honor my mother and grandmother, but my mother intervened and said no.
This is my name. I say that it is super cool having a portmanteau of Rose and Ella combined together! I wish to keep the unique and common names alive just like these two common names combined in one! So yes, I recommend this name!
I love this name. It's so pretty and elegant. I'll use this for a middle name for my daughter.
Rosella Sensi (born 18 December 1971 in Rome) is an entrepreneur and Italian professional sports executive.
Rosella is the name of an Italian fairy tale from the Pentamerone. Rosella, the titular character, is a sultan's daughter who falls in love with a prince who is selected to sacrifice himself to her father so he can bathe in his blood to cure his leprosy.
So many nice nicknames Rosa, Ella, Rosie, Ross, Rose, Ellie!
The name Rosella was given to 44 girls born in the US in 2015.
Rosella means beautiful.
Rosella is nice, but I would say that Roselinah is nicer, and it's a lot rarer.
Rossella Como (Born: January 29, 1939, Died: December 20, 1986) was an Italian actress and TV personality.
I've hardly ever heard this name used in my neck of the woods (Australia) and I strongly believe it is due to the association with the Rosella parrot, which is a very common species of bird where I am.

Although I do like the sound of this name, I could never name a little girl Rosella for the this reason.
This is so pretty. Im surprised it's not in use anymore, what with the rising in popularity of names like Ella, Gabriella, and Isabella. Rose-Ella is very pretty too :-)
This is so pretty! Another ros- name I love :)
I like it
I knew it from the game Kings Quest 7 the princless bride
Kind of sad though how grown women mock the name by saying it also means this and that, every name carries something negative you can always find something.
A rosella is a type of parrot.
Rosella is a beautiful, rare name.
I'm surprised this isn't used more often nowadays. It's such a beautiful name.
In the movie "Barbie as the Island Princess" there was a princess named Rosella. She was shipwrecked on an island.
Rosella is the name of King Graham and Queen Valanice's daughter in the King's Quest computer games.
Rosella appeared on the top 1000 list from the 1880's to the 1940's. Its most popular year was 1910 where it ranked 322.
Very beautiful and unique name.

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