I usually like French names, but this one just lacks oomph.
Rosett means "bow" in Swedish. As in decorative bows.
Oh, look.. Rosette has won a Rosette!
Rosette is such a beautiful and unique name! My favorite name!
Oh, this name is so beautiful. I want my future child to be named Rosette! It’s such an interesting and different name, so gorgeous!
Rosette Sharma is a singer of Canadian origin, she sang on the Ian Carey, Timbaland, and Brasco track "Amnesia".
This name sounds a bit ridiculous to me. It is pretty though.
A diminutive, as stated, not a name.
Princess Rosette is a fairy tale by 17th century French author Madame d'Aulnoy. The story is about a princess named Rosette who wishes to marry the King of the Peacocks.
In the manga/anime Chrono Crusade, one of the main characters is named Rosette Christopher.
Rose is such a boring and popular middle name. But Rosette isn't. (: I love it.
There is a Nebula called the Rosette Nebula.
Since the 1880's Rosette hasn't been on the top 1000 list.
Beautiful name, that's all I can say.
This is also a rose-shaped badge, an ornament resembling a rose, a marking on an animal resembling a rose, a cluster of leaves or a decorative band on a guitar. In French, it means "small rose".

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