I am not sure the meaning is correct. It is probably from the verb "to grow" which in Serbian is "rasti", I don't know the actual form in the other Slavic languages. Therefore the meaning is "to increase glory (of the bearer)".
Serbian, Croatian, Slovak form is Rastislav.
One famous bearer is actor Rostislav Čtvrtlík.
Famous bearers:
Hockey player Rostislav Klesla
Actor Rostislav Kuba
Hockey player Rostislav Malena
Hockey player Rostislav Martynek
Actor Rostislav Novák
Hockey player Rostislav Olesz
Historian/theorist Rostislav Švácha
Hockey player Rostislav Vlach
Footballer Rostislav Vojáček
Czech pronunciation is "Ros-tyee-slahf" (shortly)
Pet forms of Rostislav and Rastislav are Rosťa ("Rostia"), Rasty, Slávek, Rostík, Rostek, Slavo.

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