Also a variant of Robin in several languages, most of them Celtic.
What an amazing name, it’s absolutely stunning, I have a counselor or therapist in school named Ruben and he is in his 30s and it really matches great on him.
Ruben also means the wisest one. Found in the old manuscript, which was written in Germany.
It is also the Italian form as well. [noted -ed]
Nice. Ruben sounds sophisticated, and it reminds me of the cool artist Peter Paul Rubens.
ROO-bən in English.
Ruben is also often used as an equivalent of Robert. There have been people named Ruben who anglicised their name as Robert.
It's dope.
Ruben Carbajal Lopez was a Mexican Luchador, or professional wrestler who is best known under the ring names Adorable Rubí and Rubi Rubalcaba / Rubi Rubalcaba. As Adorable Rubí he was one of the pioneers of the Exótico wrestling style, mixing Cross-dressing with wrestling to create a type or wrestling character that was more sexually ambiguous and self-obsessed. The "Adorable Rubí" character was inspired by Dizzy Gardenia, the first successful Exótico character to compete in Mexico. During his career he won the Mexican National Cruiserweight Championship, Mexican National Middleweight Championship and NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship. While he played an effeminate, self-obsessed character where it was implied he was homosexual, it was never revealed if that was Carbajal's personal sexual orientation as well.
Also used in Hungary. Pronounced: RUW-ben.
Ruben is also the Armenian and Georgian form of Reuben. In Armenia, the name is commonly used, while in Georgia it is rare.In Georgian, Ruben is written as: რუბენ.In Armenian, Ruben is written as: Ռուբեն.Note that the letters 'ո' and 'ւ' become an 'u' when next together. Refer to the Armenian alphabet article on Wikipedia for more information about that. [noted -ed]
I really like this name. I imagine a Ruben as a very reliable, compassionate and sweet boy. The meaning is lovely too.
This is also the French spelling of the name. [noted -ed]
In the Bible, Ruben was one of Joseph's brothers. He was the one who suggested they cast Joseph into a pit rather than kill him themselves. In turn, Joseph was spared, although that may not have been the intention.
Another spelling of the name is RUBIN. It's a Ukrainian-Jewish surname.
Ruben Studdard was the name of the winner of the second season of the popular television show "American Idol" back in 2003.
In Dutch we pronounce the name Ruben: RUE-ben (rue as in the French rue). [noted -ed]

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