When I hear the name Rusty, I always think of Rusty the siding inspection diesel from Thomas the tank engine.

For a person, I suppose Rusty could be okay as a nickname. However, as a legal name, it would sound daft.
This is the original name of the main protagonist from the Warriors fantasy series by Erin Hunter. I love him and the books!
Rusty makes me think of the fake rabbit that the dog track dogs chase after. This is only fitting for a dog or rabbit to me. "Here comes Rusty!"
It is in my old personal name list because as a child I saw a few episodes of 'Rin Tin Tin'. I used to like it because of its being linked with redheads but now I would use it only on a pet because its pronunciation is similar to 'rasta'.
Corporal Rusty 'B-Company' played by Lee Aaker is the human protagonist in 'The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin' an American Tv-series beginning in October 1954 until May 1959.
As a nickname this is cool, but as a legal name, this is just hilarious.
I think this would be a kinda cool nickname for Russell, but only when young.
The name Rusty was given to 45 boys born in the US in 2015.
I've only known it as a nickname for Russell.
This was the name of my cat, who unfortunately died a couple years ago from a liver disease (as most overweight cats will). He was given the name "Rusty" because of his rich orange coat. Due to his tub-of-lard appearance and general laziness, he was also affectionately referred to as "Tubby" and "Garfield" (again, because of his coat).

I already couldn't take this seriously as a person's name, but now I also cannot separate Rusty from a big orange furball.
I really love the name Rusty for a girl, like in the movie Footloose.
Somehow I feel that I will be the minority, but... "Rusty" appeals to me as a masculine nickname greatly! That being said, I would also consider it (strictly as a diminutive) for a female.

While it is undoubtedly juvenile, it is fun enough to transfer into young-adulthood, adulthood, and eventually onto an elder (granted that he possesses a professional name, as well.)
My current forename of choice is "Rosario," though I feel that it would be acceptable for "Rodolfo," among others.
Just imagine saying 'hello, I'm Rusty'.
Rusty Cartwright, a character in the television series "Greek." He's kind of geeky, but ya gotta love him.
A friend of my mother originally wanted to name me this, but Ma (bless her!) held her ground and said "Have your own red-haired son and name him Rusty!" I'm glad that she didn't name me Rusty, because I do not like this name.
In the book "Back Home" by Michelle Magorian the girl named Virginia is called Rusty because of her red hair. My husband found this ridiculous, he says Rusty can only be a boy. I'm not sure, I think it could be a girl too.
Rusty can be a nickname for Russell.
Brad Pitt's character in Oceans 11 and 12.

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