Very nice name for a boy!
In the USA, this name can also be FEMININE in modern times, making it UNISEX -- as its SEEN on the USA chart.
All of you that think Rylan is a boy name, think again. Sometimes I think I want to change my name but I love who I am, so yay.
My son's name... Rylan James. He was born in 2015.
I love this name for a boy! :)
My father decided it would be cool if he had a daughter named Rylan and here I am. Stuck with the name Rylan, which sucks cause it is a boy name. SO RYLAN CAN BE USED FOR A FEMALE!
The name Rylan was given to 371 girls born in the US in 2016.
I love this name on a boy. I've heard of girls being called Rylan and I really don't like it. Riley is so much better on a girl.
Love the name Rylan have a little cousin, age 5 called Rylan. It suits him so much he's so cool. Love R names. Over all he has 4 Siblings called Rian, Rebecca, Rhys and Rory.
I don't understand why it would be so wrong for a girl to be named Rylan. I am a girl and I am named Rylan and very proud of it!
I really like this name but I do admit that it does sound very modern and cutesy so if I were to ever use it, I'd be more comfortable to having it be the middle name. Only for a boy of course!
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Spencer Rylan
Theodore Rylan
Thomas Rylan

Feel free to reverse the combos. I personally prefer Rylan as a middle.
I don't hate this name, it's just too unusual for my taste.
I hate this name, it's too trendy and uncool.
Rylan is a great name, and a viable alternative to the nice but way overused Ryan (also more substantial). I think the "original" form, Ryland (originally a surname), is even more dashing.

Only for a man, though. I find neither variant feminine.
This is my absolute favorite name on a girl!
Nice name! An alternative to the more well known "Ryan" without being too out there or ridiculous.
Just a shame some seem to believe this name is usable on a girl. Damn shame. ^–^
Rylan is a males name. No argument there.
I feel like this could be a boy name (variant of Ryan) or a girl name (reminds me of Rylee). It sounds nice for either, and I normally dislike names that are suitable for both genders. Although honestly I have never met anyone named Rylan.
I think it's a pretty good name, I just wanted to say I used to know a little boy who's name was spelt RyLan, it made me like the name even more.
The Rylan Star League was an organisation in the 1984 science fiction adventure film "The Last Starfighter". The Rylans are the good guys of the film.

I can't help but feel that this was a significant factor in use of the name.

The hero of the film Alex Rogan lives in a trailer park; I don't know whether this is significant or not.
My sons name :) Lovely and not too common ... Yet!
I had a crush on a guy named Rylan for the longest time! But once I realized he was a friend, I thought to myself "I probably only liked him because of his name. It's an awsome name!" It is VERY masculine. I hope it does not become popular because I like it unique. I hope to name my little boy (if I have one) Rylan.
This name sounds much, much more mature and sophisticated than Riley, even though I do think Riley is a pretty nice name, as long as it's used on guys, not girls. This name is less likely to make me think of Bill O'Reilly as well, so I'd say this name is way better. But well, I think this name is guaranteed to become overused and shortened to the even more overused Riley.
I think it would be great for a girl or a boy.
I have also seen this name spelled with a "d."
I like Rylan a lot, gives a better twist to Ryan.
Rylan is a great strong name for a boy. I have seen it used for girls but myself feel it is too masculine for a girl.
Rylan is a nice name and on the rise in popularity right now.
This is a great name! We named our son Rylan in 1995 when it was very uncommon. It is unique without being "strange".

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