The meaning is uncertain. Many people (like namathur) believe that Šárka means "mountain ridge" or "hillock", but I haven't heard of a real etymological (or other) evidence for this so far, so I think this is no more than sheer speculation.
Famous bearers
Model Šárka David
Fitness Model Šárka Holá (Bodyfitness)
Writer Šárka Junková
Athlet Šárka Kašpárková
Actress Šárka Kadlec
Pronounced as "Shah:r-kah".
The meaning of this name is very old and is bound to mountains and rocks. More than possibly it is originally bound to the name of the vale Šárka in Prague, Czech Republic by legendary Šárka and her war (maybe not legendary, but fictional character from the quill of chronicler Cosmas of Prague, author of Chronica Boemorum).

Compare with Corsican "sarra" (mountain-ridge, hillock, uphill), with Spanish "sierra" (mountains, mountain-ridge) or Albanian "sharane".
---In Serbian, Bulgarian, and other South Slavic languages, "šarka" is used for viper (from "šaren", which in some Slavic languages means "patchy"). That is, "Šárka" is a mischievous, perfidious girl. -- In Albania no word like Sharane is found. Connection to "sierra" is simply nonsensical.
---In summary, "Šárka" is an artificial name. However, it is often encountered in Czech countries and Slovakia, as people do not see any connection to the viper.
Pronounced as "Shaarkah".
Famous bearers:
Šárka Sudová - acrobatic skier
Šárka Vaňková - singer
Šárka Kubelková - moderator
Šárka Záhrobská - skier

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