This particular name is also used in Estonian.
This name does not work in Denmark or Norway. The written version of the name is almost the same as the Norwegian and Danish word Sæd which means "sperm".
Such an elegant name.
We use the name "SADE" as a girl's name meaning "rain", on the other hand "SÄDE" means "ray of light from stars" and is not a common name.
The singer Sade born (Helen Folasade Adu).
My first impression was the Marquis de Sade, and sadism. But I'm an ignorant American.
"Säde" is also the Finnish word for radius. I almost always think of geometry when I hear the word säde.
You can hear the pronunciation here:
People, please. Sade is not the same as Säde! In Finnish "Sade" means "rain" and "säde" means "ray of light". The dots aren't there just for fun!
It's a tad corny and cutesy, and I've never heard of a Säde in Finland. Maybe this is a Finnish hippie name, then.
It seems like there could several possible pronunciations depending on where you are from, some I have seen on the web are shah-DAY, shar-DAY and sa-de, the a is pronounced like the u in stuff and the e is pronounced like the e in let.
Sade is a rock star in the US.
Amongst the Yoruba of Nigeria there is a feminine name-Sade. In fullness it is Folasade; shortened to Sade i.e. the most popular abbreviation. Folasade, including its abbreviation, simply means "use riches in place of crown." The British-Yoruba soft singer, Sade, is a typical bearer.
The Finnish name Sade is simply not the same name as the name used by the British-Nigerian singer. In her case it is a short form of the Yoruba name Folasade.
Pronounced Sadie.
Säde is not pronounced the same way as SADIE. And neither is the name SADE. Sade in Finnish means 'rain' and it is a girls name.
The person who said Säde is pronounced "Sadie" obviously confused the name with the non-Finnish Sade.

The Ä is pronounced the same as the the A in "lap" or "crack". The E is pronounced the same as the E in "pet".

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