Saara can also be an Arabic name too, for your information.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2020
This name is given to singer Saara Aalto. Aalto was a runner-up for Finland's Eurovision selection UMK 2016 and also a runner-up for the UK's X Factor final. Aalto will represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2017
Also Estonian form.
Sofia  2/9/2016
I'd say use this version if you're actually Finnish and speak Finnish at home. Or don't, since Sara with a short 'A' is actually a nice name and also a genus of plants in Finnish. Saara is not unusual here and using it just to be a bit different from the "boring" Saras or Sarahs is going to make you look like a silly yankee.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2013
I love the name. It's my name. But in all the things I have heard it could be most of them are beautiful. And that's with over half my family from Finland. But it's a wonderful name, except I don't care for when people really mess up the name like se-ar-a or z-ar-e-a but overall it's a lovely name.
SaaraTK  2/17/2009
I had a friend named Saara when I was younger, and it pronounced like SAR-a with a short a. I think it is a cute name, but it is very close to the word sorrow.
pandasayscynical  5/12/2008
A really pretty, unusual version of Sarah. If you have Finnish roots, USE THIS instead of the boring, overused variant!
lunalovegood  12/8/2007
I really can't see how this form is so much more interesting and innovative than Sara or Sarah. Saara is pronounced pretty much the same as Sara, anyway. Okay, I know it is a little different, but most Anglophones won't bother to make a distinction between SAAH-ra and SAR-uh. Don't get me wrong, I do love Saara and Sara(h), and I think they are both very pretty and interesting, but I'm just making the point that Saara isn't really that different from its "boring, overused" English variant.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2010

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