Though not necessarily ugly or even HIDEOUS, I must say that this name looks pretty odd and old-fashioned.
It would make for a good middle name. I like how eccentric it looks and sounds. It's definitely not Oliver, and I thank it for that.
For anyone stuck with this odd name, Chevy could make a decent nickname. That is, if they don't mind Chevy Chase. He pronounces it 'chevee' though, whereas here it would be something like 'shevee'.
I first heard this in a Mr. Mulliner short story by P. G. Wodehouse. It's hard to imagine on an actual person, but it certainly is interesting.
I like goricar's nickname suggestion.
I like it, but I'd never use it because it's too long and sounds like a last name.
Reminds me of those eccentric old men who present Antiques Roadshow, making all those poor people who queue up, clutching what they think is a hidden gem from their attic, but all Sacheverell wants to do is talk bollocks while he adjusts his glasses further down his nose. I can hear it already: "Well it's an early 18th century piiiiiece. Has it been in your family looooong?" Who would want to call their kid a name that gives that kind of impression? Who can even pronounce it?! They'd end up calling him Shrapnel.
It's not exactly a hideous name, but it does sound quite odd. This name just seems quite pretentious and old-fashioned, and I can't say I've ever heard of anyone named Sacheverell. I'm pretty sure most people couldn't pronounce it or spell it.
Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, 6th Baronet CH (1897-1988) was a British poet and art critic.

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