This sounds better on a character than a real person.
kayisforkeen  8/13/2018
Saga Becker is a Swedish actress and transgender woman. Becker is known for her work on Something Must Break for which she was nominated for a Rising Star Award at the Stockholm Film Festival in 2014 and won a Guldbagge Award for Best Female Lead Role in 2015.
cutenose  7/18/2017
This name is beautiful. It reminds me of a fairy tale. I prefer this to the common Sarah, Sage, Sabrina, and other similar sounding names.
ERK  10/26/2016
I love this name! I personally prefer it as a boy's name. I'm using it in one of my books.
GML  6/5/2016
The name is also used in Denmark, and Norway.
jegharenbumsipanden  3/22/2016
I love Saga.
It has a very Nordic sound.
It is short but strong at the same time.
And also it gives me a feeling of peace... I don't know why.
Felie  3/17/2016
The name is also rather common in Iceland, Denmark, and Norway.
vadskajagtamigtill  6/14/2015
I love this name, it left a strong impression on me when I read it in some dictionary of foreign words with explanation 'Nordic goddess of war and history', and me, fan of epic poetry liked it for a that reason. It sounds good, powerful and slightly dangerous, typical 'Queen of Swords' could bear this name, plus it definetely has a dash of adventure and heroism in it. I'll consider giving it to my daughter one day, as it is just a nice international word, beside Nordic goddess meaning.
sagar  10/22/2013
Decent enough name, but there's also the unfortunate association with the Swedish singer Saga, who is the neo-Nazi answer to Madonna.
Buneary  12/13/2012
This name is fun! Even more so that my name is Storey! :)
― Anonymous User  7/4/2012
Saga is also the Swedish word for fairy tale. [noted -ed]
LuneDeNoir  6/23/2012
Well, I like this name. I found the "cross between sugar and lager" comment absolutely hilarious. I like the association with The Sagas, tales of Viking voyages and other histories (I'm pretty sure they were researched for and written by Snorri Sturlason, but I'm not sure if that's his name or if he wrote it) but I dislike the Twilight Saga association. Anyway, it's a trilogy, not a saga. I don't like this as a first name but as a middle name. Sisters' middle names Saga and Sybil would be cute.
Meapergirl  12/12/2011
An interesting name that edges the line between quirky-cool and sophisticated.
NightSparks  9/28/2011
In Old Norse the name Saga can mean both 'seeing one' AND 'sage'!
― Anonymous User  8/15/2011
This sounds like a cross between sugar and lager, right on man! These are two of my favourite things and I must absolutely name my first-born this, regardless of gender.
BonVoyage  5/3/2011
Saga is the bassist for the Visual Kei band Alice Nine. He's amazing at it, too. :) And yes, Saga-san is a man, so this must also be a male name.
shotgun_wedding  3/22/2010
Pronounced SAH-gah in Swedish. [noted -ed]
Beautiful Victory  12/13/2009
It is pronounced as SAY-gah.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2009
In some regional variaties of the Anglo-Saxon dialect and Norse language I think this would have been pronounced saa-ya, however, in English saa-ga is the standard which I immediately associate with the idea of a saga, a long story.
Locket  3/31/2008
This is my name. Despite having to constantly correct people on its pronunciation, I love it very much.
shagbo  12/13/2007
It is the same name as in English: Saga, a fiction-story with loyality and brave characters.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2007
Saga is the name of the heroine in the show "Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy".
― Anonymous User  2/28/2006
It is pronounced as SAH-gah.
Ylva  1/30/2006
Saga was the name of the girl who rather wanted to be a boy, and pretended to be so to be allowed to play soccer, in the book and film My Life as a Dog. She was a great boxer.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005
Saga means "journey" in Portuguese. It's a very famous story by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.
Mary-Rach  11/11/2005
Saga means fairy tale in Swedish.
mtiina  7/29/2005
The word "saga" means "button" in Lithuanian.
monie  1/23/2005

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