I can imagine how funny this name would be in a French speaking country.
This would sound odd to any French speaker.
Salut is very common in the area of Sabadell, as the Virgin Patron is the Mare de Déu de la Salut. Here is where the name comes from.
« Salut, mon ami! Ça va? »Oh, come on! English is my first language, but I've taken 4 years of high school French, and this is a RIDICULOUS thing to name a person, whether you're French, Spanish, or Catalan, *anything*! I wouldn't even name a pet this. Even if you aren't Irish, naming a person Sláinte is just as ridiculous! Next thing you know, "Cheers" won't just be a bar on Beacon Hill.
This name is ugly and sounds like the word "slut", which of course the girl will be called in an English-speaking state.
To Bananarama: it doesn't. Senko's provided the correct pronunciation.
But you're right in another way: anglophone bearers of this name are indeed going to have a lot of pronunciation correction to do throughout their lives, and it will be vexing.
To VictoriaCalledTori : according to the pronunciation key of this site, "Salut" is pronounced "SAH-luy" in french.To Seraphine_eternal : well, friends actually say "ça va?" ("comment vas-tu?" is correct but less used nowadays). But if you start with "Salut, mon ami" then it's kinda theatrical and you can go on with "comment vas-tu/comment allez-vous" depending on how close friends you are.
I agree with you : "Salut" would be a more than weird name in France! But it's a Catalan name, and as far as I know (well, I confess, I know very little if not anything on Catalan ^^;) "Salut" is not used as a greeting in Catalan. Maybe more in the way of "safety" or "salvation" that is also a possible meaning of "Salut" in French.
Thank you for pointing it out that most friends would use "ça va" - I overlooked it the last time. (I mean, I did know that, but who knows how many others didn't?) And thank you too for shedding some light on the other possible etymologies of the name.
Oddly enough, those in my French class use "comment vas-tu" all the time even though we don't really know each other well (AND aren't that close). Oh well.
To VictoriaCalledTori: if they were friends, then shouldn't the "how are you" line be "comment vas-tu" instead of "comment allez-vous"?And I wonder why this would be used as a name when it's used a greeting.
Sah-LOO is how it is pronounced in French. It means "hello" in French. Salut, mon ami! Comment-allez vous?
I'm just cracking up here! "Salut" is a person's NAME? Isn't it. This is very funny! I can't imagine anyone with this name. It would be odd if this person speaks Romanian or French. Salut, Salut!
Haha, it also means "hi" in French.
Mmmm, weird name!
Very professional sounding, in my opinion. I pronounce it Sah-loot.
Pronounced "sah-LOOT".
"Salut" is also an informal greeting in French used by friends or people of the same age.

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