Also used in Lithuania. (in Lithuanian) (popularity chart)
Samanta Togni (1981-) is an Italian dancer, dance teacher and TV presenter.
Also Slovene:
I may be in the minority but I actually like SAMUELA over THIS. This Italian version of SAMANTHA is fine but a bit TOO modern. In fact, who even came up with THIS name? It's the kind of "SAMUEL-related" name that makes you want to say "But who came up with this spelling of SAMANTHA?! Like FOR SERIOUSLY! WHYYYYY?!"
Also:Usage: German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, PolishPronounced: za-MAN-ta (German), sa-MAN-ta (Swedish, Polish)Meaning: Form of SAMANTHA used in several lanugages.
Also Polish: [noted -ed]
I think it's much better this way.
It looks incomplete without the H.
This name is used in Portuguese.
Pronounced sah-MAHN-tah.
Also used in Portugal.
Also used in Croatia.

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