Samir was a character from Jack Ryan. He was a kind character, despite his evil dad! He starred in Jack Ryan in the first season.
Samir Badran is a Palestinian-Swedish singer and TV host.
The name Samir was given to 301 boys born in the US in 2016.
Samir Farid Geagea is a Lebanese politician and commander. He is also the executive chairman of the Lebanese Forces, the second largest Christian political party in Lebanon.
Samir Fazli is a Macedonian football striker of Albanian origin who currently plays for FC Wil.
Samir Nasri is a French professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Sevilla, on loan from Manchester City. He primarily plays as an attacking midfielder and a winger, although he has also been deployed in central midfield.

Nasri is known for his dribbling, ball control and passing ability. Of Algerian heritage, he is described as a player whose "vision and imagination make him an unpredictable opponent". His playing style, ability, and cultural background have drawn comparisons to French legend Zinedine Zidane.
I really don't like this name, and it's kinda hard to pronounce if you're in the U.S.
The Turkish form of this name is Semir. [noted -ed]
Samir Cavadzadə (Javadzadeh) is a singer from Azerbaijan.
Samir Guesmi is a French actor who plays Thomas in Les Revenants.
Russian singer Yulia Volkova has a son named Samir, born in 2007. I think he got an Arabic name because his father is a Muslim.
Samir Nasri. 22 year old footballer who plays for English club Arsenal, as well as the French National Team.
This name is also used in Turkey.
The Arabic root of Samir is S-M-R, which refers to dark, evening, or dark complexioned. Samir (as opposed to Saamir), is alternatively spelled Sameer. Relating back to the root, it refers to one who gives company during the evening.
In Sanskrit, SAMIR maens a whiff of breeze, generally blowing mellowly.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
Oh my goodnes, Earthnut, it isn't a Slovene name. Only used by Arabic emigrants!
I don't really know why, but I am simply in love with this name.
Parallel name has singer Sámer Issa.
Samir is the name of a character in the 1999 cult comedy Office Space.

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