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Samra 1
Gender Feminine
Usage Sanskrit
Scripts सामरा(Sanskrit)
Pronounced Pron. saamaraa, sAmarA  [key]
Other Forms FormsSaamara , Saamra

Meaning & History

* Samra / Saamra /Saamara सामरा- accompanied by immortals, accompanied by god. It is feminine of सामर. Here स (sa) means with + अमरा ( amaraa) means immortal
Origin -Sanskrit
Usage - Sanskrit, Indian, Nepali, Sinhala, Bangla, Marathi, Hindi Sikh, Buddhist
It is different from Samara समरा which means - battle, war
Added 7/14/2017 by Vishal Khatri
Edited 2/13/2020 by Mike C

Samra 2
Gender Feminine
Usage Mandaean

Meaning & History

Possibly from the Mandaic meaning "keeping, possessing".
Added 6/25/2023 by cassilda in carcosa
Edited 2/5/2024 by onomabot

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Səmra, Samra