My name is Sanaz and I am from Iran. The origin of the name is Turkish, but has been adopted by Persians. A direct translation is "Cute Evergreen" which in Farsi would be "Sarv e Naz". Naz is a nickname that many go by meaning "cute". There are many other variations that use the ending "Naz" (Behnaz, Tannaz, Shahnaz, Farnaz, Golnaz, etc.)
― Anonymous User  6/1/2009
I believe Sanaz is a Turkish name which is mostly used by Persians nowadays. The Turkish meaning of the name is "Unique". There are similar Turkish names such as Ianaz.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2006
Sanaz is a Turkish name. It is compounded of two words: 'san' and 'az'. 'San' means likeness and 'az' means few. So the meaning of Sanaz is 'unique'. It is used in Turkish speaking parts of Asia, including Iran, since more than two thirds of Iranians speak Turkish.
Sanaz  6/24/2005
Loosely translated it means 'with pride'.The Persian variant of it has no link with the Turkish variant. It can also mean 'full of grace'. It does depend on how you translate it.

A comment to the previous poster - Turkish is not spoken by a majority in Iran. It is spoken by minor communities that do not make up two thirds of Iran. The official language is Farsi (spoken by everyone in Iran) and the most common minor language is Aramaic/Assyrian.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2006

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