This name IS also feminine. In Ontario, Canada, in 1992 it was given to 13 girls, and in British Columbia, Canada in 1984 it was given to 18 girls.
It seems extremely immature to downvote comments stating facts.
MORE proof this name is UNISEX.
This name can also be a feminine name.In the USA, it was given to 12 girls in 1990
In the UK, it was also given to 12 girls in 1998.
I've only ever heard of female Sandeeps, but I've also heard it being confirmed that it was for males. I suppose it can go both ways, as it does sound pretty neutral.
I think this name has a very nice ring to it; not too bold and a bit epicene. I met a girl named Sandeep this year in one of my classes, she's very sweet. When I found out her name was masculine, it didn't really throw me off. It really suits her.
Where I live in the UK, there are a lot of Sikhs named this. I think it's a really great name and all of them are really friendly! Pronounced just like it's spelt.
Synonym for lord "Siva".

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