I don't like the way this name sounds, and it makes me think of Sanjaya Malakar, who I find very frightening.
Aside from the over talked about guy from American Idol *yawn*, Sanjaya sounds different but I hate the way it looks.
I absolutely HATE it when people pronounce it incorrectly! It's pronounced san-JIE-uh, and that's how it will be. Not san-JAY-a!
Pronounced Sun-jie-a.
Nice name, but the way Idol is making news headlines everywhere (on MSN, the web, for example) I would not use this name. Everyone thinks that Sanjaya should have been voted off of the show a looong time ago.
@bobcat_explorer, looks like 8 years later, nobody really remembers that one guy on American Idol.

It's a cool name with an awesome meaning. It also sounds somewhat mysterious.
There's Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol season 6. Btw, I sooooo hope he wins!

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