Yuck! I hate this name. It reminds me of so many things I hate. For one, it reminds me of very salty and spicy salsa, which is so disgusting. Second of all, thinking of the name Sarita makes my throat feel weird, which sucks. And I don't care if people hate my comment on this stupid, petty name just because it's Spanish for Sarah, because unlike Sarita, Sarah lacks the idiocy in Sarita, and Sarah just sounds better. I hate, hate, hate, hate the name and wish it was never a name.
The Spanish form of Sarah is Sara. Sarita is used as a diminutive of Sara in Hispanophone countries. So, I feel that the meaning and history section of this name should probably read, "Diminutive of Sara." [noted -ed]
Wow, gorgeous! Adds more flavour to bland Sarah.
This is my name! Since childhood I was told the story of the meaning behind the name. My parents had a love for Cornwall and this name had an old Cornish connection dating back to the Spanish influence on the area. It has the Spanish ending 'ita' meaning 'little' - like 'senorita' for example. The 'ita' is added to the Hebrew name Sarah (a Biblical name, which was important to my parents) making 'little Sarah'. Sarah means 'Princess' and therefore this version of the name means 'little princess' - usually that is cue for the 'aaah's! I was my parents' firstborn and still get 'little princess' in my birthday cards in my mid-40's. :)I have since heard of the Indian version so the name seems to have 2 separate origins. This is the one that was behind my being named Sarita and, unsurprisingly, my favourite etymology!
I like this name. It's much better than plain old Sarah, and it's really cute with the nickname Rita!
I gave my daughter this name. It was always my "play" name when I was a little girl. It's pronounced sa-ree-tah. It means princess and I think it's very feminine. And my daughter has lived up to this name, I might add.
Sarita is a Sanskrit word, synonym of river. Sari in Sanskrit means flow and Sarita means something that flows. A feminine name. [noted -ed]
Also means 'river' in Sanskrit.

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