Sascha Konietzko is a German musician and the founder of the industrial band KMFDM.
I love this name for a boy. It's so unique. I think of this as the masculine form since females already have Sasha.
Anima, an Italian actor and youtuber, was born Sascha Burci.
I’m not sure this should go under pronunciation or personal impression, but this name looks like it’s pronounced SAS-kha.
Sascha Baron Cohen is an American comedian. He has played many different characters, including Borat and Ali G.
This name is only used among males in Germany. (source:
To cutenose: I know a few females from Germany named Sascha, so even in Germany this name is unisex.
According to ( Sascha reached 61 place in the year of 1999 in Austria.
Sascha Klein is a German diver. Competing in the 2008 Summer Olympics, he won a silver medal in the men's synchronized 10 metre platform with teammate Patrick Hausding. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, he competed in men's 10 m platform where he finished in 9th place. He also competed in men's synchronized 10 m platform with teammate Patrick Hausding. They finished in 4th place.
I don't understand how people view this as a masculine name. Sasha and Sascha will always be feminine-sounding names to me.
It doesn't mean noble in battle in Russian, and would not be used as a full name in Russia. It is short for Aleksandr or Aleksandra which means "defender of men". However, in other European countries, Sasha is used as a full name, often transcribed from "Саша" to the phonetics of that country i.e. Sasha in English, Sascha in German and Sacha in French.
It supposedly means "Noble in Battle" in Russian, or some other language. Not sure though.
One famous bearer of this name is Sascha Gerstner, rhythm guitarist of German power metal band Helloween.
Actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a daughter named Sascha. Sascha's younger brothers are Julian and Shepard.

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