Looking at this from a Macedonian perspective:

Together with Sasho, you transcribe the ш in these two names as 'sh'. But with other Macedonian names, you transcribe it as 'š' (S with caron). See Dušan, Duško, Miloš and Nataša. Also see the comment that I just left at the entry for Toše.

Whatever the correct transcription is, this should be made more consistent. Sashka and Sasho are correct from a Bulgarian perspective, but from a Macedonian perspective, this is questionable right now. [noted -ed]
Sashka is gender neutral and is often used as a name for Russian boys as well as girls.
Sashka is derived from the ancient Greek name 'Alexander' and means 'Defender of mankind'.
Cute, but it reminds me of the shashka, a Cossack/Caucasian sword.
This is also used in Russia.

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