It's cute. Perfect name for a character, but it'd still work well on a real person.
Satomi (聡美) Noda is a character in the novel 'Battle Royale'. She is the girl #17.
My name is Satomi but it's spelled as Tomomi because Tomo can also read as Sato. [noted -ed]
Satomi Ishihara, also known as Kuniko Ishigami, is a Japanese actress.
A famous bearer of this name is the singer Satomi Takasugi, who is best known for her song "Tabibito" (Traveller) in Japan. Her name is spelt さと美, with the sounds "Sato" in phonetic characters, and "mi" written with the character 美, meaning "beauty".
Awesome Japanese name!
I like this name. How unusual. Definitely a name I'd give my comic book character. So pretty and sparkly.

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