Also Corsican:
You'll find bearers on social media.
This was one of the middle names of Isabella of Parma (Isabella Maria Luisa Antonietta Ferdinanda Giuseppina Saveria Domenica Giovanna), Princess of Parma and Archduchess of Austria.
Also Corsican feminine form of Saveriu.
Saveria (rhymes with Bavaria) is my daughter's name - she was named after my grandmother who was born in Castiglione Italy - southern Italy, in Calabria. It is a very old name - I have come across it only 3 other times in the United States.
As an English-speaker, Saveria reminds me too much of the word "severe" for me to use it.
I LOVE this name. I just came upon it by pure chance, reading about an Italian princess of the 18th century. I'd never heard of it before and I was completely taken by it. It makes me think of a distinguished lady, refined, charming and glamourous. If I had known it before my daughter was born, Saveria would be her name - though my husband thinks it sounds like an ugly country girl or something.

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