Sayen /säj'en/ does mean "sweet" or "lovely" in Mapuche, but it can also mean "friendly," "loving" (as in "a loving person), and "an open-hearted woman" - (all in Mapuche).

Sweet is the top meaning. So, in order, the meanings are:

Friendly - amiable
Loving - lovable
Open-hearted woman

It is more of an inner descriptor, not about outward appearance.
This female name describes behavior or disposition, not looks.
The 'y' in Sayen is pronounced like a soft 'g' in English - like in 'massage' or 'beige' (jj /j/)

The 'a' is also soft /ä/ (or sah) - like the second 'a' in 'massage' [from the dictionary: mas·sage /məˈsäZH, məˈsäj/ ]

So, use the second syllable of the word 'massage' and the first syllable of the word 'enter'...

/säZH'en/ or /säj'en/
I’m just 'Sayen' this name is cute (no puns intended). It sounds masculine and I prefer it for a boy. For a girl, Sayenana sounds cute.
This name has a great meaning.
I was just Sayen (saying) how funny this name sounds.
Actually, it's pronounced sa-YEN, not like "saying".
At first I thought it was a little weird but it grows on you.

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