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Gender Masculine
Usage Yiddish
Scripts שניאור(Yiddish)
Pronounced Pron. Shneur  [key]
Other Forms FormsShneur Shneor Schneor, Schneior, Schneiur, Schneer, Senior, Senyor, Seymour

Meaning & History

Originally Spanish name Senior (meaning "Master")

Many American Jews who bore this name chose the English name Seymour.

Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liady, founder of Chabad movement held this name after his maternal grandfather Schneur Zalman Loewe.

The President of Israel Zalman Shazar who was a Hassid of Chabad held a last name which was an acronym to his original full name: Schneur Zalman Rubishov.

Schneur Zalman Heshin was an Israeli chief judge and Zalman Schneur was the pen name of a famous Israeli Hebrew and Yiddish author.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the last Chabad Rebbe, held a family name pointing to the founding of the Chabad movement, and until his own death it was common for Chabad Hassids to call their firstborn boys Schneor
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