Beam me up, Scottie.
We might name one of our daughters Scottie after my dad, Scott.
This name can also be FEMININE in MODERN times, making it UNISEX.
In the late 2010s, beginning in 2015, it's BECOMING more POPULAR as a FEMININE name.
In the USA, 72 GIRLS and 32 BOYS were names SCOTTIE in 2018.
In the NETHERLANDS, 29 girls were ALSO named SCOTTIE in 2019.
I wouldn't trade my name for any other name in the world. I also like that it is a little different than those that spell it with a "y".
My dad's name is Scottie and I think it says that he is a real man!
Scottie was the nickname for F Scott Fitzgerald's only child, Frances Scott Fitzgerald.
Can also be feminine for Scott.
I like it well enough but I'm scared to tell people at my school my dog's name if they ask. All the boys will break out into that stupid song from that repulsive movie Eurotrip.

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