Scout is an awesome name, for anyone. I totally recommend it!
The name is no longer rare, as it has reached the top 1000s in the United States.
The character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" is called Jean Louise. Scout is just her nickname.

So many people use it because it's trendy and then claim they named her after the character. It is not the character's legal name.
I think the name Scout could also work for a boy.
Scout is the name of the daughter of the singer/songwriter Imogen Heap. Her full name is Florence Scout Rosie Heap-Lebor.
I think this could be a masculine name as well as a feminine.
Super cute nickname for a girl. I especially love it because of Scout Finch (she's my favorite character in To Kill a Mockingbird). But definitely NOT as a legal name.
I now think this is a cute nickname for either gender now. I've heard of Scout as a nickname for Scarlett, and I think that's a nice idea. However, I stand by my previous comment about it being used as a legal name.
A fictional MASCULINE name bearer is a Flipline Studios character named SCOUT.

Scout is a male character who made his first appearance in Jacksmith. He is Jacksmith's apprentice. In the game, he looks down the path and returns to tell Jacksmith which enemies he will encounter that day. He also commands the cannon during battles.

As a young pup, Scout was rescued by Jacksmith from a neglectful orphanage on the outskirts of town. Since then, he has grown up to become Jacksmith’s trusty apprentice and close friend. Scout helps Jacksmith in a variety of ways including commanding the cannon, wagon repair, field reconnaissance, and grocery shopping.
This name can also be MASCULINE as a TRANSFERRED SURNAME, making it UNISEX.
In the USA, 41 boys and 45 girls were named SCOUT in 2001
Nice for a dog, but not for a human. It wouldn't age well either. It's quite ill-fitting on a girl.
This name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
In Belgium, it's occasionally used as a MASCULINE name but not as a FEMININE name.
I named my son Scout. It suits his personality perfectly! Strong, captivating, determined and most of all genuine. Someone once brought it to my attention that Scout was a girl name and my response was “well now it’s a boy's name too”!
Ah! I love it! I am going to name my first daughter this! Scout Leigh H_______.
I love this name. Especially in a place where I grew up where it's full of Jennifers and Roses and Marys and Anns, Scout is a refreshing name especially for a girl.

I've never read or seen (is there a movie?) To Kill a Mockingbird but I think it's nice a character is called that.

I first encountered the name when watching a video about ballerinas and this beautiful, charming girl named Scout Forsythe caught my attention. "I'm going to name my daughter this for sure" is what went through my head since then and until now I have not changed my mind.
Ugly name and sounds rough for a girl.
Scout is the name of Demi Moore's second daughter.
My name is Scout and I love it.

And I'm 15.
I think it is a lovely name and unique enough for your child to stand out. So call me a snobby bourgeois bohemian cause I'm naming my daughter Scout next month ❤️.
When I hear this name, I think of Jean Louise Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird. It's a cute nickname, but it wouldn't make a good legal name.
I think it's ridiculous that people would ever call the name Scout white trash. What is the world coming to that people are so rude they feel they have the right to belittle a person just because of their choice of a name. Stating your opinion on the name is one thing but attacking a person's character for liking it is completely different. That being said, I love the name for a girl. It makes me think of a spunky little tomboy who's kind hearted and adventurous. My daughter was named Charlie after her father, and after he passed away it didn't feel right to call her by his name anymore but I didn't want to legally change it because it's part of him that she'll have forever, so we just started calling her Scout and I love it!
I LOVE this name as a real first name for a boy, but especially a girl! It’s a beautiful real name. The people who hate this name are probably named Ashley or Jennifer.
Lacks class and sophistication. Not a very timeless name at all. Save your creativity for a medium of art, your child's name is not a canvas for your creativity.
Just information for everyone here, the Scout name is also a surname. My wife's maiden name is Scout. There are not a whole lot of people with that last name, but those who have it are proud of the name. As to being a first name, I see nothing wrong with the name being for a boy or a girl. A lot of stupid comments have been made about the name. Yes, it can be a dog name, or a cat name, but it certainly can be a human name, whether it is first or last name, or male or female. I have seen Shirley used as both male and female. So get over it.
I know a 15 year old boy with this name, He is a tall, muscular football player. His father was in the military and chose names for his children that reflected that. Scout has an older brother named Rider (Ryder? Spelling is uncertain) and a younger sister named Sailor. While I don't agree with his siblings' names, I adore Scout as a name for either sex. Also, for those saying that every child named Scout is named that because of To Kill A Mockingbird, this is your proof that that idea is full of baloney. Scout is a mature, short and sweet unisex name that ages well. If I ever have a daughter, I am seriously considering naming her Ophelia Scout or Margeaux Scout.
I'm 37 and have grown up with an unusual name and I am so thankful; I am so thankful that I don't share my name with a million other people. First of all, when children who are born now are in the work force, unusual names will be the norm. Scout has spunk and history; and so much more personality than names like Katherine or Elizabeth.

Yes, people are entitled to their opinion, but some of these comments are ridiculous! I agree that many of these comments show a lack of creativity, innovation and personality in the writers. IE, calling someone who names his/her child this "one step above white trash."

Our daughter is due in September and her name is Scout Ellie Lou.
I don't see Scout as exclusively feminine. I think it could work for a boy, too. While I don't hate it, it isn't the best name. I can see a baby, toddler, or elementary school child carry this name well, but it doesn't seem fitting for a tween, teen, or adult. Of course, if you have the name Scout, and you love your name, that's good, too. It's nothing to be ashamed of!

In actuality, I do like this name a tiny bit. I want to be a writer someday, so I may use it for a character. Scout does seem like a random thing to name your kid, though.
Overall, I don't recommend using this name, but I don't advise against it either.

My ratings (out of 5 stars):
Popularity 4/5
Sound 3/5
Spelling 3/5
Ages well? 2/5
Overall Rating: 3.
My daughter has a week-old baby daughter named Scout Lillian - she and her hubby already have a son named Hudson. They did not know the sex of this baby, and when discussing names the only girls' name they both liked at all was Scout. It took some courage to actually name her, because they knew it was unusual, but as it was the only name they liked, they had to go for it! I love it.
I personally really like it. It has spunk and character!
I only like this for a boy. By the way, it's one letter off from Scott, so why isn't it a "real name"?
I mostly associate the name Scout with men because historically, those who scouted wilderness, enemy positions, etc. tended to be male (in the interest of full disclosure, I'm male myself). In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if most people given Scout as their name (real or otherwise) before "To Kill a Mockingbird" were male (by the way, a science fiction novel I recently self-published has a main character nicknamed Scout; and the character's male). Nevertheless, I think Scout's a good name for both men and women. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a wonderful book; and I guess that's driven Scout's popularity as a girl's name. To me, it has a kind of tomboy feel to it if a girl has it (like in the book). The contrast with the meaning normally associated with the word "Scout" makes the name cool, fun and memorable when given to girls. Bonus, I guess, if people see the literary allusion.
I love this name, mainly because To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books of all time. I will give this to my daughter as a first name, but as a middle name I think it is so flipping adorable! It's short, sweet, and sounds pleasing to the ear.
The name Scout was given to 232 girls born in the US in 2015.
I'm a 17, almost 18 year old girl named Scout. This name was given to me by my mother because To Kill a Mockingbird was her favorite book. I love having a name I share with hardly anyone. I've only ever met one person with my name and it was a boy. The only downside to this name is that the spelling is so closely related to the name Scott. I constantly have been called Scott, but still it's worth it. I recommend this name to any parent who is on the fence about it. I promise your child will thank you for giving them such an original and meaningful name. For those of you who say it's better suited as a nickname, I disagree. I've been asked on many occasions if it was my "real name". Scout is not short for anything. It's longer than typical nicknames like Ben, Sam and Nick. 5 letter birth certificate names are far more common than you think.
Unlike the poster above me, those of us grounded in reality realize that a child's name is not a canvas for a parent's creativity. Paint a picture if you want to express yourself. This a human being we are talking about, not a pet. Show some respect for your child and give them a respectable, mature name. God, how embarrassing would it be to have an interview with the CEO of Chase Bank and introduce yourself as Scout, that's only if HR didn't throw your resume in the garbage first.
It sounds like a lot of people who hate the name are basic people who genuinely have no room for creativity in life. I feel sorry for them since they cannot appreciate it or respect a parent's creativity when naming a child. Love the name Scout! Especially since I know no one with that name. Makes me love it even more!
It's a bit rude to say people lack creativity just because they dislike a name. There's a thing called an opinion, and having a different one than yours doesn't indicate being basic and/or lacking creativity. Nobody has to like a name just to respect the fact that a parent gave their child said name.

I think it's an okay name for a human, but I think it's great for a dog. I'm planning on naming my dog this (that is, if I ever actually get a dog, lol).
Anyone else remember the show 'Scout's Safari? It was about a girl who lived in Africa. So I tend to think of it more as a feminine name.
As a fifteen year old with the name Scout I have first hand experience with people's reactions to my name: 'you either love it or you hate it'.
I find most reactions to my name positive, intrigued and a little amused (and amusing on my par when people spell it 'SKOUT' or ask if it's my stage name) which I am absolutely fine with; and I am also absolutely fine with people disliking my name because it is all a matter of opinion. I must admit I was very surprised with how much some people seemed to hate my name, but I don't particularly care to be honest because I really do love my name. It's light-hearted and interesting and suits my quirky, adventurous personality.
My wife has always loved the name for as long as I can remember. She talked me into naming our last child Scout regardless of whether it was a girl or boy. I was a little hesitant at first when we found out it was a boy. He just turned 18 and graduated high school a couple of weeks ago. The name really fits his personality and I'm glad we didn't change our minds.
I love this name. If I were to ever have a baby girl, we would name her Scout. It's different without being weird, it's strong while still remaining feminine. And I'm a huge fan of To Kill a Mockingbird.
I love To Kill A Mockingbird, and I understand why people would want to name their children after its protagonist (especially when her real name, Jean Louise, is so ugly and dated). However, as a given name, this is ridiculous. It's a dog name or a nickname, not an official "Birth Certificate" name.
The name "Scout" means "to listen" and as an Eagle Scout, Ranger, student who had to read "To Kill a Mockingbird," and student of Native American history and methods "Scout" means and brings to mind many different and intersecting ideas.

That said I love the name Scout and think it would be great for a boy or a girl. It suggests independence and strength in mind, body and character. However, it also has undertones that range from that of a wise youth that sees beyond or a secretive and mischievous young person. For this reason I'm not sure I'd bestow it on a certain type of immature child and it's not a great name for an adult as it doesn't really have that maturity or formal heft that garners respect from other adults. As a job title that's another story but even that job comes with an age limit and beyond middle age the Scout should have probably earned another title--even in old cultures.

For that reason I may give a child a middle name or nickname of Scout so it can be applied at appropriate times, ages and stages. The full name may be more formal so the child can go by something else as (s)he ages.
Scout is of Old French origin, and means "to listen". It is also an occupation and is defined as: someone who gathers information quietly. [noted -ed]
This is a really cool name! It makes me imagine a happy, fun to hang around with, adventurous good-hearted girl who's down to earth and honest towards people.
This is my 12 year old daughter's name! I love it still :)
Her full name is Scout Heather, and it's boldness and strength fits her beautifully.

However, a lot of friends tell me that, being a thin, willowy, delicate looking blonde ballerina, she really looks like she should be called something more 'pretty' and 'frilly', like Arabella or Isadora or Cassandra. But she likes it, and I get no end of compliments :)
Terrible name! Boo! So dumb.
I'm 9 years old and my name's Scout and I think it suits me perfectly because I am adventurous, loyal and I love to try new things. My Mum says I can change my name if I want when I am 18 but I don't think I want to thank you very much.
I think Scout is an adorable name for a dog. For a human, not so much. Not as a legal name, anyway. I think Scout Finch's legal name, Jean Louise, is lovely.
A famous bearer is American actress Scout Taylor-Compton.
I did like Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, but I don't like this as a name. It sounds tacky and ridiculous. Plus Scout is the character's NICKNAME, not her real name - she's actually named Jean. Why not name your daughter that instead?
Come on guys. Scout from Team Fortress 2. It's all I can think of.

Say goodbye to your kneecaps, chucklehead! BONK!
Sooooo stupid! This name is given to girls by snobby Bobo (Bourgeois Bohemian) parents who fancy themselves literary and want to advertise their superiority by hanging this dumb name on their kids. It's a nickname! Even in the book, Scout was a nickname for a young tomboyish character. Do they think Scout Finch would have grown up and kept using this stupid nickname in her adult life? Of course not. Parents who choose this name are only one step up from white trash who name their girls Crystal or Jayden.
My parents were going to name me Scout. Which is pretty cool, it's such a great name and it would've totally fit me. Plus, I would never meet another girl with my name. But no they named me Madison. I've met, like, a million Madisons. But never a Scout.
I love Scout, as a nickname and a legit name. Scout's real name in To Kill A Mockingbird is Jean Louise, so I think I would only ever use it as a nickname. Scout's adorable, sweet, and youthful, yet strong. It's not old-fashioned or overused at all.

I don't like the amount of criticism this name gets, but I recognise that Scout is a "love it or hate it" name, and personally, I love it. It's a beautiful name.
I have a friend named Scout. It fits her just right. I like it more as a real name rather than a nickname.
I think this is a very cute name for like a pet or a character. As for a person, this sounds more like a nickname, but hey that's whatever you want to name your kid. I have no objections to it. It's a very cute name.
Scout is not a legal name. It's a NICKNAME. It's like legally naming your child Bubba or Junior. If you like it that much, then give your daughter a real name and then call her Scout as a nickname.
This name is simple, sweet and strong. It's a perfect name for a precocious little girl!
I love the book and movie To Kill a Mockingbird. I'd love to use Scout (Atticus, and Harper) someday. I think they would make a great sibling set.
I hate this name with a flaming passion. What sort of an idiot would actually name their child this? It's okay as a nickname for a little kid, but it's an utterly infantile official name for anyone, even for a child. This sounds like the name of a very obedient, reliable dog, not a person. The name isn't feminine-sounding despite girl scouts, and it doesn't sound very pleasant anyway. The name has no dignity, no maturity, and no class, even if there's nothing wrong with scouts per se. This sounds like a trailer park name, even as a nickname.
It's just not an appealing name to me. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either.
When I named my daughter Scout I had mixed reactions all around me. People either flat out hated it, or they loved it. Scout is a strong name that stands out.
This is one of the most hideous, poor, vulgar names I've ever heard. In my opinion, this name has no positive qualities and makes a disgusting name for both boys and girls. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but I have to speak my mind.
I love this name! It's so cute!
Scout works fine as a nickname but does not sound right for a first name, especially for a girl. I suppose it would be better suited for a boy if it must be used on a child.
I'm not sure why I like this name, but I do. It doesn't seem very much like something to name a girl, but for some reason I really like it! Not for a boy though.
I like this name, but I'm not sure if it is better for a girl or a boy.
This is a cute name. It isn't my favorite, but I still find it unique, but not too far out there.
In To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout was only the character's nickname. Her real name was Jean Louise.
We just had our first daughter, after two sons. When I was pregnant I read To kill a Mockingbird and I knew right away that Scout was going to be the name for our daughter. And now she is here, Scout!
I think this is such an awesome name! It's cute, short, not too popular and to me it sounds really energetic, not like any lady-like name. I also love the character Scout in Harper Lee's book. What a beautiful name!
Scout is a cute name for a girl, but I don't see why it couldn't be for a boy too.
I knew a boy whose surname was Scout. If it's a surname, it can be a boy's name.
Bruce Willis's 2nd daughter is named Scout.

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