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Noah's foundation is Seth the son of Adam. The person is confused with Egyptian Pharaoh Sethosis (about 1872-1824 bc) of the 12th dynasty. The Egyptian star Set or Seti or Seth is the panhandle star Alioth of the Big Dipper. Seth has two cycles considered as Great Pyramid origin of 100-year and as 400-year. Sethos is also a brother of Ramses in 1290 bc.
Elijahovah  7/27/2018
At the time of writing this comment, there is a typo in the description for this name. You wrote "Orisis' son" instead of "Osiris' son". Just thought you should know! :) [noted -ed]
Lucille  11/30/2017
It's nonsense to say that we have no culture in an ancient name from an ancient culture. We use names from antiquity all the time. I would pronounce it Seth.
riviera  2/18/2017
I feel like if you're going to go with this pronunciation, you're better off just naming the kid Set. Though why would you name a kid this if you aren't Egyptian anyway? You've got no culture in this name.
EkiAku  6/7/2013
Seth is the default name for the player character in Pokemon Colleseum.
quillpaw93  6/20/2008
To the person above me. Seth is not the default name for the character. It's Wes. That's his "canon" name. Wes and Rui.
EkiAku  6/7/2013
I love the name Seth. It's simple, yet so strong and masculine.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2008
Seth is a strong, masculine yet simple name. I LOOOVE IT!
Miss_Gorgeous  4/11/2008
Seth is the name of a scribe in The Oracle by Catherine Fisher.
cara12  4/11/2007
Seth is the name of a very cool vampire in the webcomic "Sorcery 101".
Larissa_Evans  11/20/2006
Adam Brody plays a character named "Seth" in the series The O.C, which is very popular among teens.
lena88  5/31/2006

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