Sevastian is a Ukrainian variation and Sevastiyan is Russian.
Also rare Bulgarian usage.
The proper transcription for the spelling provided in this entry (Севастьян) is actually Sevastyan, not Sevastian. You see, the standard transcription for the letter я in the name is "ya", while "ia" and "ja" are usually considered variant transcriptions. As such, one can argue that for this particular spelling, Sevastyan is the main Russian form and Sevastian is the variant transcription.For more information about this, please see the comment that I left at the entry for Sevastyan (in the main database), which is quite a bit longer and thus more useful.- (in Russian; scroll down until you see "Sebastianus" in one of the columns on the right)
- (in Russian)
- (in Russian). [noted -ed]

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