Pronounced seh-WEH-roos in Classical Latin, seh-VEH-roos in Ecclesiastical Latin, and sə-VEER-əs or SEH-v(ə)r-əs in English. [noted -ed]
The Imperatrix  7/5/2020
Makes me think of the word "severe", and it's associated with the Harry Potter character.
someone-  5/10/2020
Weird name, and it looks really ugly. It sounds like 'sever us'.
kayisforkeen  8/29/2018
The name is interesting, but the association with that child-bullying, hateful, pathetic excuse of a teacher obsessed with a dead married woman is not at all nice.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2018
Let's just not use this to name children, alright? Keep it in literary discussions ONLY!
― Anonymous User  5/8/2018
My little Severus is now 4 months old and I honestly could not imagine him having a different name. He is strong, stubborn, and all around delightful. We found the name to be strong and resistful and it holds great meaning for me. Severus Brient.
Cassi1421  5/3/2018
My husband and I like this name and I am currently pregnant with our first boy. We think pairing it with the name 'Alexander' for the middle name makes for a nice flow. I know it's been mentioned before, but I want people to think of something other than Harry Potter when they hear the name. Hopefully our son will make this name great and be proud of it and not worry about other's thoughts on where he got it because honestly, it had nothing to do with the movie Harry Potter.
Momof2Osburn  2/16/2016
To everyone who thinks Snape is evil/ doesn't think this is a good name because it's the name of a Harry Potter character:
Severus Snape was a great character. He is often misunderstood and portrayed negatively due to his involvement in the dark arts. He was not bad though, he saved Harry's life on several occasions and this is a great name.
Omnomii  8/14/2015
Don't name your child Severus! The kid would be picked on for having a Harry Potter name, especially if he ends up being too serious...
― Anonymous User  8/30/2014
Septimus Severus was Emperor of the Roman Empire from 193-211 and founder of the short-lived Severan Dynasty. He was known for pushing the boundaries of the empire further east, south, and attempting to conquer Scotland but dying before he could. He was also known for his persecution of Christians; he continued the policies set in place by earlier emperors and also made it illegal to convert to Christianity or Judaism. The Arch of Septimus Severus was dedicated in 203 in honor of his victories against the Parthians, and it is one of the surviving structures found in the Roman Forum. Interesting trivia note for Harry Potter lovers: Septimus Severus's name was Lucius Septimus Severus Augustus.

A second Emperor Severus, Alexander Severus, ruled from 222 to 235 before being killed by his own troops. He was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty.
humblebee  12/5/2011
Too bad that it's so heavily associated with Harry Potter. Otherwise, I'd totally dig this name.
boingloings  11/1/2011
I can't imagine anyone else but Snape when I hear this name! If I had a son I'd rather choose Severin.
Vikosha  9/24/2011
I agree! Snape is awesome! But I'd never name my kid this.
blondieboo629  8/7/2011
I want to get a cat, and I think I'd want to name it Severus, after Snape, obviously.

Also, I think it's funny how almost the only color you see as you scroll down is pink, pink, pink, and it's all about people's opinions of Severus Snape. Lol.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2011
Snape is my favorite! He's so brave. He's also hot, but that's besides the point.

I would definitely use this name.
Liesl  11/18/2010
Snape's not evil! He's admirable!

I'd quite like to use Severus as a name, but it's a bit much, I think.
alicehartley4884  10/15/2010
I am madly in love with Severus Snape and therefore think this name is just as sexy as him. However, I would never name my child this, the association to HP kinda ruins it as a feasible name for modern children.
Hato-chan  8/14/2010
I really like this name. I would name my kid that, but I think that the character of Snape made it a little too popular. And I wouldn't want my kid to ask "Mommy, did you name me after that Harry Potter character?"
― Anonymous User  8/30/2009
It's dour and sour. Sounds like the name of a serpent and while serpents have their good points, it's too slimy a name for me.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2009
There were several saints named Severus, especially in the Eastern Orthodox church.
Anthroponomastics  5/27/2009
This is one of my favorite names. I wouldn't mind using "Severus" on a child. I can see it on a very sweet boy. I also think it has a nice ring to it. Severus Snape has always been one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series, so I guess that's a plus!
Anthroponomastics  5/27/2009
Severus Snape is not evil and I would give my kid this name. It's a wounderful name with a wonderful story.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2009
I LOVE the character Severus Snape, but I'd never choose the name for anybody but perhaps a pet, as he was obviously only named this to suit his stern personality (or perhaps his parents'), and it's not really a very nice sounding name in itself.
not_another_Jessica  12/7/2008
For those who have not read Deathly Hallows I will not get into detail, but Severus would be a wonderful name to have (though better as a middle name) if you are naming you kid after the character, whose story is amazingly touching and brave.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2008
I'd never call my child Severus. It sounds a bit weird and plus he would get bullied like hell.
Glamorous  1/7/2008
I really like a lot of forms of this name, inluding the Dutch Soren and French feminine Severine (accents on first 2 e's).
Katheros  12/31/2007
Severus is so severe a name!
A.R.  7/29/2007
Spoiler warning for those who haven't read the final Harry Potter book: Severus is the middle name of Harry and Ginny's son Albus "Al" Potter.
Nochenne  7/22/2007
PLEASE don't name your kid this! I personally like the name, but I hate Snape! SNAPE IS EVIL! He ruined the name for me.
flamestar  7/13/2007
J. K. Rowling pronounces this name Sev-ear-us when she talks about Severus Snape.
BrendanMcC.  4/30/2007
This name, to me, is a prime example of how even a great love of a person cannot change how one feels about a name. I hate this name, even though I adore Snape, from the Harry Potter books - he's one of my favorites. And if he can't make me like this name, no one can.
Emmasj  10/19/2006
I love the name Severus, which can be shortened to 'Sev' for short, much like Sebastian and 'Seb'.
Sneasel  10/11/2006
Of course now the first association would probably be Severus Snape from the "Harry Potter" series. A very conflicted, disputed character. Most Harry Potter fans cannot even decide whether or not he is good or bad - lots of theories and second thoughts on that charcter. Personally I like this name. I think it sounds very balanced, strict and interesting. To me it also reminds of the North, because 'sever' in Russian, and probably some other Slavic languages, means 'the north'.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2006

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