I loveee this name, it’s my boyfriends name and I don’t know anyone else with this name. Of course people come at him and say that corny line that he must be “shy” like please stop lol. But I love it and we plan on naming our first son after him (Shai Jr).
This is my favorite name! So cute and ages well. So much better than Isaiah, and it's a happy name. I love it:) The spelling is so nice and formal, while happy, fun and playful at the same time! All the Shai's, Shay's etc. out there, you have a great name! Be proud of it, you are LUCKY! I wish this was my name!
Shai is the son of dancers Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Peta Murgatroyd.
My birth name is Shai pronounced Shy. It was given to me by my father. It was enlightening to find out it can be pronounced as Shea. I prefer the "Shy" pronunciation. Learning the history and origin, being Hebrew, meaning Gift and being a diminutive of Isaiah/(Biblical) Yesha'yahu, I love my name even more.
Shai-- which is pronounced shy-- is actually derived from Yishai (Jesse). The father of King David in the Old Testament. Not from Isaiah.
We gave our daughter the middle name of Shai (we pronounce her name shy) and the reason we gave her the name is she was our ”miracle baby" and we read in a baby name book that the name meant "gift from God" in Hebrew.
While there is a rare Hebrew word "Shai" that means gift, this name does not derive from that word but rather is a short form of Yeshayahu, which is the name Isaiah. Shaye has been a nickname for Isaiah among Jews for centuries. [noted -ed]
I love Shai.
It is a beautiful Hebrew name.
Its sound has something serene.
It is simple and very nice.
My name is Shai. It is pronounced like Shay, Shea, rain, pain, may, bay, Kay.. long A sound... etc... The r&b group pronounces it as the Asian culture would pronounce Thai, Kai, etc.. Either way is acceptable but I would start off saying Shai as, Shay, or Shea... if you are referring to a person... P.s. I know more females with the name "Shay" than male counterparts which are usually named "Shea". The females that go by "Shay" are usually, but not always, using it as a nickname or a shortening of their real name. People with the true name of just Shai, however, are very few and far in between. In all my years, I've never met another Shai. I do love my name and am proud that I am so unique. Which in itself, truly is a "gift".
Shai was an early 1990s R&B band. Their biggest hit was "If I Ever Fall in Love" in 1992, which also is one of the songs with the 3rd longest time (8 weeks) at #2 on the Billboard charts without moving to #1. They are tied with Deborah Cox, Brian McKnight, and Mario Winans for this record.
Shai is also the concept of Fate in Egyptian mythology. Therefore you could use this name as a replacement for Karma or Destiny. Because the Egyptians saw Fate as being without specific gender (sometimes they called it male, sometimes female), you could use this as a genuinely unisex name.
Another form of the name is Shia, borne by actor Shia LaBeouf.
The only person I have ever met who has this name pronounces it like Shea (shey).
Pronounced "shy".
Like many other Hebrew masculine names, Shai has also been given to some girls in recent years.
The above poster mentioned the name "Shy-Leigh" - the "li" suffix means "for me" and is added to many names - therefore Shai-li means "gift for me".
I know someone called this, but paired up with another name. Shai - Leigh. I think it's really nice.
The only Shai I know is a girl.
Pronounced shy / shie.

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