It could also be translated as "Including" or "All-including".
Also a Tatar name (written as "Шамил" in Tatar). [noted -ed]
Possibly related to Samuel, which has the meaning of "The God".
Written as "ٴشامىل" in the Kazakh Arabic script.
The Avar spelling is also “Шамил”, not “Шамиль” (the latter is the Russian spelling). [noted -ed]
Imam Shamil (Шейх Шамил)
He was a leader of anti-Russian resistance in the Caucasian War and was the third Imam of the Caucasian Imamate.
26 June 1797 – 4 February 1871.
Shamil Basayev (Шамиль Басаев)
Chechen militant and Islamic martyr. 14 January 1965 – 10 July 2006.
It’s also a Chechen name (written as “Шамиль”).

Examples of Chechen bearers:
- (in English)
-Хатаев, _Шамиль_Абдулаевич (in Russian; Shamil Khataev)
-Маташев, _Шамиль (in Russian; Shamil Matashev)
-Шамурзаев, _Шамиль_Алиевич (in Russian; Shamil Shamurzaev)
-Никаев, _Шамиль (in Russian; Shamil Nikaev)
-Ирасханов, _Шамиль (in Russian; Shamil Iraskhanov). [noted -ed]

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