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Gender Masculine
Usage Persian
Scripts شميون(Persian)
Pronounced Pron. SHAMEON  [key]
Other Forms FormsShamīūn

Meaning & History

Simple meaning: Helpful Healer.

Derived from the old Persian Qajar aj Šâhanšâhiye Irân, name given to Ardabīl boys meaning the 'Kindhearted healer'. Despite the substantial scholarly efforts to uncover the etymology of the name, the name still poses an enigma. A village in Sajjadrud Rural District, Bandpey-ye Sharqi District, Babol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran; is named after 'Parminav Shamiun' Persian: پرميناو شميون‎, also Romanized as Parmīnāv Shamīūn, known to have healed hundreds of men from a widespread epidemic of plague that occurred in several outbreaks in 1526 - 1533. 'Savory; chpt: The Safavid empire at the height of its power under Shāh Abbas the Great (1588-1629)'.

Additional Note:
Name 'Shamiun' is hypothetically a derivation of the name Shimeun(شمعون) of Hebrew origin: Prophet Joseph's half-brother's name. Shamoon
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